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Naruto Masashi Kishimoto

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 Official Plot release and information on who is who!

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PostSubject: Official Plot release and information on who is who!   Fri Oct 18, 2013 3:56 am

So as I promised you guys I will be releasing a plot synopsis as well as a sort of "Who's who" for the important characters! Without further ado...

A rewind occurs. We are back in the reign of Kitai's queen and her family. The Akatsuki have not happened, their leader never having been introduced to the Bijuu that caused him to change so much. In fact, that Bijuu never existed. However two weeks before the Akatsuki may have appeared (Approximately one year ago IC time) something happened. Under Kitai, unknown to the rest of the world, seethed great power. The choice of location for the city may very well have been accidental but the results were just as permanent.

An enormous blast of chakra was released from under the city. There was enough warning that many of the citizens managed to escape though it is impossible to know for certain who died or even how many. However everyone scattered. The few who remained and lived to tell the tale began informing all who would listen that a monster had risen and destroyed swaths of the city without any effort. Unfortunately there were no ninja strong enough to hope and fight it and those that did try were killed easily. No one knew for sure what this beast was but it left quickly and has been seen from time to time. Over time, people realized it was a new manifestation of a Bijuu or Tailed Beast. Despite the creatures being used as fuel for the Finger of God they were not destroyed. Their chakras mingles and eventually became new creatures, some even more fantastic than the originals.

Now though five years have passed. Some of the new bijuu have been captured, while others still roam free. However old ways have returned. Two villages have been founded and are now successfully being run by their respective Kage. A nomad tribe of mercenaries under a strict oath to not kill travels the lands, using their services to try and keep balance among the shinobi of the world. Genin academies have cropped up across the lands, most small and only run by one or two people who are barely Chuunin themselves, teaching a few young pupils each. Old records have been discovered, showing that legendary weapons that were previously only faded stories may still exist, though many in new forms. There is even a large criminal group that causes their own form of mayhem, though it is difficult to tell what its true purpose is at this time, even among the Kage.

All of the largest clans have sided with a village or group and now, even more than before, clan ties are of the utmost importance. While it is possible for a clan member to go to another village, that is regularly seen as treason by the clan if not the entire village itself. Kages and the leaders of the clans are constantly negotiating. While if isn't necessarily a power struggle between them it isn't uncommon for the clans to request special treatment in return for staying with the villages.

Now things have settled somewhat. But who knows when things will change again? What new occurrences will destroy the tentative peace that has been found?

Now, obviously that is still a little vague, but it gives you a pretty strong idea of what is going on. I welcome any questions though that you may have, and I'll do my best to field them. For now though, here's the current Who's Who as well as a list of the ranks I'm allowing.

Kage of one of the villages: [Otu]Eikoku
Kage of the other village: (Yours truly) GenShinigami
Leader of the Nomad tribe: Lofwyr
Secret leader of the criminals: (Once again) GenShinigami

All of these leaders will be SS rank characters at creation. These characters are meant to be some of the strongest people in the world, as evidenced by the fact they've managed to rally such force beneath them.

Each group may have two people in their groups start as S rank with permission from the Kage and Admin permission, as well as an audition. These are suggested to be Clan Leaders, ANBU heads, second in commands, or high ranking bodyguards.
They may also have three characters who start at A rank, same requirements minus the audition. It is advised that this rank be reserved for leaders of Genin teams, ANBU members, normal bodyguards, and your middle management.
Each may also have four people who start as B rank but these people only need permission from the Kage of their respective villages. These can be almost anyone. However remember that it is easy to run out of these spots rather quickly.

I anticipate a few complaints, so I'll try to resolve them for you quickly.

Quote :
"You can't just give yourself two SS ranks! That's totally abusing your powers!
I appreciate your concern at power abuse and while I do understand why you'd say that, I intend to be somewhat hands off. These characters will mostly be seen through orders given to second in commands and officers. They're not expected to get a whole lot of play time. Largely I have them to help control plot though, if I have to as well as handle people who may be abusing their powers IC if it comes to that. But, ideally, both of these characters will only be used for major events or when something special is needed.

Quote :
"You're giving out a lot of high ranking characters dude. That's not going to work, because you're going to scare off newbies who HAVE to start out lower ranking."
A very good point. I strive to have a welcoming environment for all members, especially new ones. It might indeed be intimidating to have all of these higher ranking players around, but I have hopes that most of them will use their power to help encourage new members to join and help them advance in rank. The whole point of having leaders of these organizations is that they keep a relative peace among their ranks.

Quote :
"I have a great idea for a village/organization/group/plot and I'd like an [Insert high rank here] to help push it along. You're handing these ranks out anyways, so it won't hurt to give me one."
I hope no one would think to say this, but I'm putting it here. While I certainly welcome all plot suggestions... Well, I'm feeling worried enough about releasing these listed ranks anyways. The only reason I'm willing to hand out so many of these ranks is that I feel it will help stimulate the activity of the site and create a more realistic universe, rather than one where you have twenty Genin running around playing "King of the Hill" with no real direction. So feel free to found your own village if you'd like and work from there!

Quote :
"You're an idiot."
Your input isn't really helpful here, ignoring the part where it is blatantly disrespectful. Please post something constructive and helpful or don't post at all here.

Quote :
"I have a question regarding some part of your plot!"
Well, spit it out! I'm happy to answer any of your questions to the best of my ability.

Now with that out of the way, let me clarify one or two other points.

All KKG will be required to be associated with a clan unless specific exceptions are made. All clans are required, at this time, to be associated with a village. This is to try and limit the number of one person bloodlines we're seeing as well as encourage stronger clan politics. While I personally hate to set such a requirement that limits roleplaying... I do feel it is for the better good, long term.

The Bijuu have of course been released, and while I confess I haven't decided what villages will have which ones, or even who specifically will have them (Apart from one character) so please don't ask me. I am thinking that four to five of them will roam free and the rest will be somehow controlled by the groups. These will begin as plot tools to help ensure balance and push global plots, however if someone presents a very good idea I could be inclined to introduce more in certain areas. But understand, these are meant to be amazingly powerful beings. Fighting them won't be an easy situation at all, if that's what it comes to.

Finally, I'll be letting each of the leaders post their own information regarding their groups. I of course owe you guys information on two of them but that will come later. For now though, Otu and Lofwyr are welcome to post. I'll edit my own post here to add their stuff when they do.

So, bring it on world!


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Mokusei Senju

PostSubject: Re: Official Plot release and information on who is who!   Fri Oct 18, 2013 4:12 am

Seikōgakure No Sato

Village Overview: Seikōgakure, also known as the Village Hidden in the Steelworks, is a village made entirely of steel. The buildings, and indeed the ground you walk on, has been covered in the steel of the Kurogane clan's Kekkei Genkai: the Magnet Release using the Metal Dust. The Kurogane and Senju clans are the two major powers in the village, with Kurogane leading in their power struggle, even though the Tetsukage is a Senju himself. The village is located next to the ocean, surrounded by water on all sides but one, where a luscious green forest blooms, protected by the Senju, where their clan compound is located.

The Senju despise the Kurogane as the village was made entirely of metal, and all the Senju got was a forest on the outskirts, but this was not always the case. Before the formation of the village (around four years ago) the clans were close allies, and even closer friends. They made the best pairings for any sort of task, and it is because of this former companionship, that the Tetsukage passed a law for himself to follow. With every new generation of Senju and Kurogane to come (every time the clan leader had a child) a young child would be given to the Kage by the clans, and those two children would be trained together to protect the next Kage to come, and every Kage after.

The income of the village comes from its master craftsmanship of various tools and jewelry from the many ores and gems found around the village. Mines go into the Earth from the village's mining area, and from there diamonds, emeralds, steel, iron, and sometimes gold deposits are found and their resources are taken and used to create weaponry for the village, and other items of worth to be sold to other villages, along with weapons to be sold to allies during periods of war. The village has masters of black-smithing,gold-smithing, and jewelry making, and from there, the village's wealth comes.
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Living Saint Bayul

PostSubject: Re: Official Plot release and information on who is who!   Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:43 am

I'll be posting mine later today on a seperate topic.

However, should you wish to apply for Tribe Jinkei.... Well feel free to message me so I can promptly analyze your abilities.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Plot release and information on who is who!   Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:13 pm

Lysander can't hold his attention to this site for more than a month so giving him kage is a mistake, just saying. Though I'll be interested to see how he has matured ever since I took his precious Yuki from him.


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Casual Attire:
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PostSubject: Re: Official Plot release and information on who is who!   Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:52 pm

Don't be mean to Lys D:
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PostSubject: Re: Official Plot release and information on who is who!   

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Official Plot release and information on who is who!
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