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 Plot rework and systems renovations

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PostSubject: Plot rework and systems renovations   Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:37 am

So, hello again my fellow roleplayers!  After considerable thought and deliberation, I have come to a final decision on what will be happening with the plot.  It involves a minor rewind, tied to a timeskip.  We will rewind back to just before the Akatsuki were created and added to the site (Roughly a year back in-game time) and then we have a timeskip of five years.  In this time, Kitai will be destroyed. (Though the stories as to WHAT destroyed it will be varied, and no one will know for certain)

In these five years, things have changed.  Villages have formed, secret tools and techniques have been unlocked, and clans have been revived.

The majority of our rules are due for a rework, and so I am going to use my new staff team to head that up.  This will be done as soon as possible, and is of the highest priority.  Some of these changes will include:

Creating/Releasing the Seven Swords of the Mist.
Creating/Releasing new legendary items.
Reworking our civilian systems and tying them into the ninja systems.
Create career SC tools, which will replace things such as Sensory, Medical, and perhaps even Bukijutsu.  It will also cover areas such as ANBU, and Scout.
Clans will be much more strongly tied to the villages and will hopefully be revived as well.
The PAC system will have some minor reworking done to it.
A new Bingo Book system will be created to encourage people to play villains and allow rank up options for that path as well.
Entirely new SC will also all be created to help incorporate all of these new systems, and allow for better customization.
New criteria will be added to jutsu, specifically a "Cost" line, and for Genjutsu a "Trigger" line.

So those are what we're looking at.  Any current characters that people would like to keep will be asked to get rewritten to get tied into the new world and new rules.  For now though, everyone is welcome to continue making characters and roleplay with the current rules.

As an added note, I am looking for people for high ranking characters, namely Kage.  This is a large responsibility and before anyone else calls that a foolish decision, I don't see much other option.  So, I will be accepting Kage and Clan Leader applications via PM.  I'd like you to explain your character concept, what you will do with this character, and most importantly WHY you think you should be given that level of power and responsibility.

I don't have anything else to add right now, but I welcome input from the members.  Hope everyone is looking forward to this.



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Plot rework and systems renovations
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