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 Some ideas moving forward

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PostSubject: Some ideas moving forward   Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:18 pm

Election system:

Seems unorthodox, but all sites I've looked at have a problem with keeping an active staff. I propose that our staff members are elected, and essentially have to campaign. This will mean the staff members that get elected actually want to do the job. This should be an exception for admins as things can become sketchy with that.


While I was horrible at keeping it updated, I believe that paying the staff through PAC or other rewards is good incentive to remain active.

Review Panel:

I recently did a research paper on how peer review in the scientific community keeps them in line, without the need of a reviewing agency, and I believe it could work here. Lets "certify" members to join a review panel that reviews other peoples applications. The great thing about a panel is it can be as big as we want, as long as we make sure panel members are competent. Amatsu app's would not make it through this system.

Kill Skype:

Chatbox activity is essential to Ingoo and it always has been. When its dead people get the idea that the site is dead. Its retarded, but we see comments about it. I think the staff needs to stay on the site, not on Skype. When I was admin and we started Skype, our involvement in the site declined.


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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas moving forward   Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:12 pm

I like all these ideas, and I completely agree with the Skype being killed. I always thought the more people in the chat the more active it becomes.
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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas moving forward   Sat Sep 28, 2013 9:12 pm

Election System:
I had an idea for a system once where you earned "points" at varying speeds depending on your rank, your seniority, and for completing staff tasks. When an issue came up you could then spend these points on a vote, and whichever side had the most points spent on it, would of course win. While this isn't exactly what you're talking about, it has parallel applications. That being said...
I have enormously mixed feelings on voting for staff. While it would certainly make members feel more connected to the staff, it also leads to power abuse. If someone shows up and wants to become staff, they could just recruit some friends from another site. Now they have their campaign team, and certainly gives them an advantage. But while I would never say no to recruiting members... The whole thing is strongly political, and unfortunately politics tends to promote corruption. It becomes too easy to corrupt the system.
So, while staff members themselves will certainly have the chance to vote on someone joining staff, I think members will have to resort to giving their input directly to an Admin or staff member, if they have concerns.

I personally intend to continue the payment idea, though I may rework it, depending on what the staff need.

The idea of a Review Panel is interesting, and certainly worth looking into. However that too leads to politics and I would fear putting the wrong people together on a review team and destroying someone's career on staff for the wrong reasons.

As for Skype... That is a very difficult thing to address. Skype is a wonderful and VERY important tool. It allows instant communication between staff and even members. We can manage voice calls over it, when needed, and it is frankly so widely used now that it isn't even a problem for most people to be logged in. However there is something to be said about it lowering Chatbox activity. This is something that will need to be balanced, but at the moment I can't rightly justify just telling everyone to get off Skype. Like I said, it is too powerful a tool for now.

Thank you Steph for your input, I appreciate it. If you have anything more, please feel free to post it or PM it to me.


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PostSubject: Re: Some ideas moving forward   

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Some ideas moving forward
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