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 Activity Reward (Yet again!)

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PostSubject: Activity Reward (Yet again!)   Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:16 pm

Howdy there folks! I realized we hadn't had an activity reward in quite a while. So I'm posting one up here. But it isn't the normal "Post here in one hour for PAC" topic. Those weren't really that great. They encouraged people who were on at strange times, and didn't actually encourage people to post anything useful. So instead I present you a challenge. Post in three different topics (Excluding advertisements and this topic) within 24 hours after this post. Then link those posts in a reply here. Please spoiler your links though. Anyone who does this will get 25 PAC for character progression and 25 PAC for purchases. That means we're adding 50/25 PAC to your account! Staff are welcome to join in on this event as well. These posts all need to be seventy-five words long or more.

Hope everyone is having fun! I understand that school is starting all over the place and we'd like to remind you all that we're of course understanding of that. But keep looking out for more events in the future, as well as some interesting plot changes. We hope that some of these changes will help encourage people to tie their personal plots in with the rest of the site. If anyone has any ideas they'd like us to try and add then please tell us! PM a staff member, or just post a topic about it somewhere in the forum board. The input from our members is very important to us. Also, anyone who manages to post a joke in all three of their posts will get an extra 5 added to their account.



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Activity Reward (Yet again!)
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