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 Welcome to the Sandbox!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Sandbox!   Tue Sep 03, 2013 4:36 pm

Welcome! This is the Sandbox forum and is here for the members to make their own playgrounds. In here the participants of a topic can make whatever rules they'd like to for a fight. However there are a few universal rules that must be followed. I will list those and then give some examples of what a topic here can be used for as well as what it would look like.

Sandbox Rules
  1. All rules in the topic must be posted in the first post of the topic and both players must post "I agree" or the equivalent before the topic can start.
  2. If using a character who does not have an official character sheet (Such as a Naruto Canon character) you MUST list all jutsu they have access to and any special traits they have.
  3. Others may not join a Sandbox topic without permission from the original participants. This means that [Private] and [Invite] tags are followed in this forum board.
  4. All actions made in the Sandbox are happening in an alternate universe as far as the site is concerned. Nothing in the Sandbox will affect any character in the rest of the forum board.
  5. Members are expected to moderate their own topics. However if a disagreement arises between participants they are allowed to ask another member to moderate it. This member need not be a staff member. However whoever is asked to moderate the topic will be given final say.

Now you have the basic rules of the forum board. The question you might be asking is "What cant I do here?" Well let's give a few examples.

Staging a fight between two historic figures. Minato vs. Orochimaru or Jiraiya vs Hashirama. In this forum you can play ANY character you want, so long as both sides agree to it. However if you are going to play a historic figure you have to list all of their jutsu and any SC or modified stats that they might have. These must be listed in the first post of the topic (So it is advised you PM the topic starter with it) and this would be part of the things the participants would be agreeing to.

Staging a fight between site characters at a different rank than they are. For example, how awesome do you think your Genin would be at S rank with unlimited jutsu? Or perhaps you want to test yourself and scale yourself back down to a Genin and see how well you can do.

Test impossible combinations. What would happen if you had Mokuton as well as Lava Release?

Fight with unlimited chakra. How often do you see Naruto characters running out of chakra? Well you can get that feeling here too! Instead of worrying about your jutsu and how much chakra they cost, why not just cast ten thousand in one post?

Those are some quick and easy examples of what can be done with this forum board. But don't let those limit you. Go ahead and come up with your own ideas! Remember, this area is for you do create anything you want. The rules here are much looser than in the rest of the forum as far as combat goes.


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Welcome to the Sandbox!
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