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 Moderation of September.

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PostSubject: Moderation of September.    Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:41 am

Alright, we have 3 Admins (GenShinigami, Stephanie, and myself), and 4 Mods (Keibetsu, Kye, Alex, Yuudai). This is all we need for now. There will be no openings for staff for a while. Instead we need to break up our focus in bringing in more members. It's sad that the latest post is from 6:31 YESTERDAY. Why is this? I want to see nothing less than an hour ago on my news feed.

We need to break up our efforts, while still remaining an active staff. To begin, we need to bring in those small attention whores that everybody loves. You know, the girls who are always kind and make men feel like they actually have a chance at getting laid. It's a pathetic tactic, but it works. - I'm sure I can leave advertisement up to Stephanie, Alex and Yuudai, if those three would be fine with accepting this role. You don't need to spam every site. If at the end of each day we only get 2 new members, I'm happy with that. I'd rather we look good.

Speaking of looking good, while I do love this suit of black NR wears, it isn't appealing to the masses. I'm going to make a new topic in Member Feedback to offer people a chance to take part in helping with the GFX. I'd like to encourage you all to join it.

Now on to IC activity. With Todd's brief re-appearance, a lot of people fled to Storm. But don't worry, they'll be back. - The issue is that this ruined the design of the Chuunin Exams, and slowed all progress for the forum. But this is only a minor set back. Gen offered to just skip it, and state that the events of the Chuunin exams happened already. - I'll let him explain if he wants. - But to kick everything into action, with the position of Chuunin being closed, I'll bring in our first two Bijuu. One will be in the hands of our main site Antagonist. Cliche, I know, but it was decided to be for the best. This will be the Two-Tailed Spurred Jack-Rabbit, and by popular interest, the Five-Tailed Amber Horned Stag. The Stag will be brought into light through a recon mission, likely involving 2 active and deserving members. I was considering Lone Wolf, and Captain James "Jim" Tiberius Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. They both need something to do, and are active and loyal to the forum even through this drought. Afterwards we can make a series of missions which somehow revolve around the 'mysteries' of it's gifts. Such as finding small bands of wandering shinobi which have specific portions of their body coated in the specialized amber wax, and so on. Too much to say right now.

We also need to clean up the forum. Kitai can be a sub-forum in "The World", Sky needs to be erased, yada yada. We have useless forums on the main page which cluster it, to which we should work on deciding what can be moved, and what can simply be archived. - As well, we need an OOC topic for rp'ing. That way when people are busy IC, or too lazy to do anything with their char, they can possibly do a random rp. I know I like using it to test out teams from the series. Maybe they'd like to recreate the Mu vs. Mizukage fight? Or just rp DBZ? We need to give our members a place to get this done. And this topic would be perfect. With all these new affiliations popping up, we don't want to lose members because they can't express their urges to test out certain genres.

As for everything else, it seems to have slipped my mind. So for all of you staff, post below. Is there things we need to do? Then tell me. If theres things you WANT to see done, tell me. As long as you don't want a hand to wipe your ass, I want your opinions so we can get rolling and make this the greatest rp ever!
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Yuudai Uchiha

PostSubject: Re: Moderation of September.    Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:02 pm

Sounds good to me and if you want seeing as Yuu is already hated by about 80% of the site IC already i can be the main antagonist hell i don't even have to get the bijuu it would just play better for Yuu IC since he is already disliked for blowing kitai up.

And as for the ads i am fine with Advertising i already have a lot of non-naruto sites lined up for ads.


PAC 197
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PostSubject: Re: Moderation of September.    Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:07 pm

  • Promotion

I feel like we need to create something that was big, like the SSS, I can create the event. I do need help with what rewards should be given out, yadda yadda.

  • Skype

I honestly think that Skype is starting to kill our communication, on the forum. Sure it is convenient but the cbox is dead all the time...Trust me, I've been lurking. I think we need to have a stronger presence on the site, not on skype. Every day I log on I see over 300 messages in the site underling chat. We need to transfer that, to the forum. It makes us look good. I myself have stopped using Skype, I will remain on the forum.

  • Plot

I feel we should go back my original idea of having an open ended plot...creating missions for people that lead the site forward. I truly believe it was a good idea, no one really discussed it though.


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PostSubject: Re: Moderation of September.    Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:53 pm

Having an open ended plot is just asking for things to come to a massive grinding halt.  Don't get me wrong, the members most definitely have control on how the plot moves and working with that.  But if the staff aren't actively providing new hooks to keep people interested, it is very likely the members will fall into little circles of "Let's do a simple mission and get PAC and ignore the rest of the universe until we're S rank so we don't die."  Without constant injections of plot by the staff, people get defensive and lazy.  There are certainly people who will try to progress the plot, but generally they're concerned with their personal plot rather than the site plot.

As for Skype, it is doing strange things to the site.  On one hand, the members are constantly talking to each other, interacting, discussing.  There's logs for people to comment on even if they're not on during the same times.  On the other hand, when people first get on the site it looks rather empty.  The IRC server idea still stands, but I don't know if you can use a PJIRC on this site.  I'll talk to my guy about it.  We'll see.

Anyways.  What we'll be announcing for the Chuunin Exams is pretty much this:

If anyone has any input or changes they'd like made to the announcement, then please tell me. None of that is set in stone, but I like the idea of making the world more dangerous, but also forcing ninja to figure out how to put an end to this group for fear of being destroyed. Essentially the Reviving Hand will be its own village, but without the constraints of an actual village. The leader (Baba in the character creation forum) will be able to create missions and will be working off her own plot. This will be overseen by the staff and we will work to keep things exciting.


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PostSubject: Re: Moderation of September.    

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Moderation of September.
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