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 Keibetsu's New Gear

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PostSubject: Keibetsu's New Gear   Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:32 pm

Name: Air Cannon v1.0
Appearance: This device consists of 3 major parts. Strapped to the back is a metal container consisting of oil and the motor which it will provide power. This container is large enough to carry up to a gallon of oil. This motor is connected by a series of bundled wires, covered by a metal coil that is a half inch wide, directly to the right sided shoulder piece. The mantle is curved to fit the shape of the users shoulder. Resting on the shoulder blade is a circular intake fan that is 7 inches in diameter, with three 3 inch fans rotate around a fixed point that is an inch in diameter. A flexible tubing is guided from the intake fan, down the back of the arm, through a metal gauntlet, and connected to the base of the palm. This tubing is 2 inches in width and carries air from the fan to the barrel of the cannon. If this tube is cut the device will be rendered useless. Around the wrist is the metal gauntlet that goes from the wrist to a few inches away from the elbow. This device is made out of metal and has 6 one inch holes that will release air pressure if the barrel is blocked. If these holes are blocked the gauntlet will explode from the built up pressure. Covering this glove is a separate part overlapping the holes. One must turn the gauntlet before use to not only activate the fan but match the 6 holes, allowing for the release of air. On the palm of the hand is the barrel of the weapon which is 2 inches in diameter and extends by 1 inch from the hand.
Range: 10m/ Area of Effect 1m point blankó10 meter at max range
Special Abilities: This device is capable of increasing the power of a fire release technique by one rank, or blowing back projectiles up to the same rank.

Descriptions: This device uses a gas powered turbine to collect air pressure, which is expelled through the device located near the hand, at the base of the palm. The energy is provided by a combustion system, utilizing oil to power it. The intake fan moves at up to 8000 rotations per minute and can produce wind pressure capable of blowing back objects and increasing the heat of a fire. To activate the fan the user must unlock the mechanism built into the wrist of the armor. By doing this, the user is able to make a fist with their right hand which will create a seal around the end barrel area and activate the fan. This will cause air pressure to build up. Upon releasing that fist the built up air pressure will be expelled through the palm of the hand with a single blast that spreads in a cone. At point blank the air will spread at 1 meter all the way up to 10 meters at max range.

Increases fire jutsu by one rank and increases it's area of effect by 20 percent. Up to 2 blasts of air can be generated before having to refill the oil tank. Due to the immense heat that is built up, the device requires a cool down period of 2 posts before being able to fire again. This cool down will initiate even the device fails to fire. The gauntlet, the tubing, and the oil tank of this device will provide resistance to E/D/C rank weaponry up to 5/3/1 hits before needing repair. Oil container is susceptible to fire. C rank fire jutsu and higher will cause an explosion in a 5 meter radius equal to a B rank fire jutsu.

Origin: This is custom design created by Osmond, as repayment for the assistance that was provided by Keibetsu. It is designed to be functional with the use of Keibetsu oil jutsu.


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PostSubject: Re: Keibetsu's New Gear   Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:52 pm

Approved, thanks for your work with me on this Os.


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Keibetsu's New Gear
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