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 Main Spec Bonus

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PostSubject: Main Spec Bonus    Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:42 am

So every main gives you a plus, like Taijutsu gives gates and weights. But some of the Mains we are not sure what they should give and we need to discuss that. Like Ninjutsu use to have chakra cost decreases so are we going to bring that back or add something new?. As well as deciding the plus for every main. If it has a () around the number it was a bonus on old ingoo if it dosent i added it

1: At S rank gives the user the ability to become a human puppet themselves.
(2): At A rank they can start making human puppets. (old ingoo was S rank)

1: Eight Gates (only first 2 gates need Admin approval for the rest)
2: Weights for increased speed
3. Automatic 5% increase to speed and Strength

(1): CS (S rank only)

(1): Can break out of Genjutsu one rank higher if i recall correctly or it was break out with less chakra something like that.

1: Self implants (A rank)
(2): Chakra reduction

(1): Chakra reduction

(1): Weapon attachments

(1): N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Main Spec Bonus    Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:50 pm

Kenjutsu needs the added perk of having increased Speed, as well as reaction time. Those are two of the main things a Kenjutsu user irl would need.

As for Buki, it comes with more benefits than that. You can make as many weapons as you want, as well as armor up to your rank.

Sensory gives perks too. - As well as being able to passively sense, you are allowed the capability to create detection barriers.
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PostSubject: Re: Main Spec Bonus    Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:39 am

Those are just Sensory jutsu a perk would be a special bonus for having that speak like your 10% harder to find or something like that.
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PostSubject: Re: Main Spec Bonus    Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:00 am

Puppetry:  I posted a potential guide update that should make Puppetry much more viable before S rank.  Though I think we need to encourage more use of poisons and whatnot.

Taijutsu:  Right now, totally too strong.  They have weights, they have passive bonuses, they can make jutsu to boost their stats, they have the Gates...  They have too much for free right now.  A B rank Tai user can easily be moving as fast as a normal S rank ninja without any jutsu boosts.  But I'm not saying nerf Tai.  I'm just saying we need to bring the other specialties up to par.

Fuuinjutsu:  I suggest we allow permanent or semi-permanent seals that have similar effects to surgeries from Medical users, with similar bonuses.  That plus once the Bijuu are released, Fuuinjutsu will be much more viable.  The biggest problem I see is that right now you can't do any big awesome stuff until you're S rank.  The seal surgeries would be a nice way to try and make up for it.

Genjutsu:  This is honestly OP on principle and encourages metagaming to break free of it a lot.  However, it is a strong part of canon so we can't remove it.  I think it should stay exactly the same.  It's nearly impossible to balance properly.  Right now it at least isn't broken the wrong way.

Medical:  Medical is like Tai, but without all the awesome free boosts.  No real range for their attacks is a hell of a dampner.  I suggest a passive chakra cost reduction roughly on par with the Tai boosts, since Medical-Nin are often portrayed as having great chakra control anyways.  These guys are pretty well balanced though, they're just not too awesome in combat a lot of the time.

Ninjutsu:  This is just soooo versatile that it really doesn't need much.  Maybe give the option for a chakra pool increase for those with it, but that's really not a huge deal either.

Bukijutsu:  These guys right now are really strong too.  A little creativity and I think they're fine.  Some jutsu to make them actually viable for anything other than having them run at you with a weapon would be interesting.

Kenjutsu:  I suggest that the Weights be opened to Kenjutsu users as well as giving them a Reaction Time and Speed boost passively to match Taijutsu users.  The best way to bring these guys on par (Or near there) with Tai users is to create and release the Seven Swords, or something on that level.  That's basically their Gates.

Sensory:  Unfortunately, this speciality seems strongly non-combat.  I really don't know who could be done with it to make it more viable.  Build in passive sensing could be nice.  Increased chakra control maybe?  It's just such a passive type of ability though.  It's hard to bring it as a regular contender in a combat heavy RPG without making it OP.  Maybe open up areas like telepathy, empathy, or speaking to animals as options?  Like I said, hard to balance in there properly.

Also, I'd like to suggest that all the passive boosts for a specialty be made so to match.  For example, a Ninjutsu user would get a 10% larger chakra pool to match the Taijutsu's total of 10% boost.

That's my two cents.


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PostSubject: Re: Main Spec Bonus    

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Main Spec Bonus
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