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 The Shattered Docks of Koshoin

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PostSubject: The Shattered Docks of Koshoin   Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:05 pm

The dying sun glimmered with an orange hue as it's reflection danced over the rapidly oscillate waves, only changing it's color as water made its way over the stone bordering. There was a light wind as well, pushing itself from behind and making a beeline to the end of the dock, moving far to the east. As Kotonaru and his teammate made his way down the earthen road, he would be forced to draw his hair back into a ponytail to keep it from swaying into his view. Adashino however would not slow as Kotonaru did, and instead continued on as if hurrying, luckily having hair long enough to touch his lower back, and be unable to swing in his way. "Hey, Adashino. Kotonaru would call, quickly going into a jog as his friend was consumed by the casted shadow of a very large, and unweathered Torii. Curious to the interruption, his foot would fall silently along the horizon of the shadow, turning to give his friend time to talk. "I can sense some people at the end of the dock. We need to act casual.

With a heavy sigh, Adashino would drop his head and give a small shake, disappointed that his intelligence was underestimated once again. "When you're done being useful... I'm going to kill you." Being quick tempered with this man in particular, Kotonaru quickly swung into action, sending his fist in the direction of Adashino's ear in an attempt to stun him; of course, being an excelling master of the Hyuuga way, he was able to quickly swing his arm around and knock away the punch, creasing his lower eye lid into an intense glare. "Kotonaru... Don't make me kill you!" As if planned to the very core of the style, both of them would lunge at each other with hands drawn away from the face, clasping their fingers between each others as they locked themselves into a fierce match of glaring. While snarling, Kotonaru would begin trying to push against Adashino, trying to overwhelm him with his own sheer strength.

After a few moments of glaring into each others eyes, the duo would be forced to break away from the match as both needed to blink, causing Adashino to recoil his arms to his chest and look away without much more than a grunt. While the mans newly grown scruff obscurred his lips, Kotonaru could only hope to believe he was smirking as well. Moving away from the situation, he would draw his attention to the large Torii which stood at the front of the dock, having black kanji embedded within the crimson wood. "Tomie no Kaijin" is read, noting it's existence as the "Dock of the Sea God", which had once been part of the Koshoin district, which had been ran mainly by pirates during Kitai's time.

Looking further down the docks would offer a unique imagery to how the legacy likely was, as one could imagine its glory despite the chucks missing along the sides, and large cracks which spread across it. As well, a few displaced trees would offer a more natural touch as they spun themselves together from different cracks and drew into a large arch.

(Didn't have much to do, but like with Dengen, it's just an opening.)
From the head Torii to end of Dock - 400m
Width of Dock (roughly) - 44m
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PostSubject: Re: The Shattered Docks of Koshoin   Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:11 am

The long travels through the world had been only consuming more and more of the brothers' time. Despite this seeming like an easy task, Ichida could conclude that it might be impossible to accomplish. The duo had been searching the far ends of the planet to find this damned merchant named 'Bari', and it seemed like not a single soul had a lead as to where or who this person was. The little information their village had given them was something that Ichida came to despise as their journey went on and on, leaving them with nothing. It seemed also as if they gave them a task they couldn't complete simply to get rid of them, and send them so far away they'd meet a fate akin to death.

They weren't lost by any means, no, but it would be far too inconvenient to go back empty-handed. Ichida had gotten to kill little more than wild animals on their way around the mountains and through the forests, leaving him with a somewhat irritating thirst for blood. His desire for a combat thrill needed to be quenched, and this was the only thought going through his mind as he turned away from the end of the pier. The relic they'd ventured across to find a somewhat tranquil resting area added no more excitement to their adventure, and that was starting to become annoying in itself. Dodging holes and cracks in the aged, splintered wood was about the only entertaining thing that Ichida had done in the past few days.

"This mission is starting to look bleak, Kaze. I'm growing tired of searching for a lone worm under some unknown stone." To a bystander, his comment might reflect something along the lines of food. However, he was actually making a metaphor as to their target. Nobody was actually around to hear them talk about the mission, and it wasn't really classified, either. It was simply a figure of speech to add but a shred of fun to it all. The two would have been walking by this point, and making their way back towards the entrance of the pier. A fog was rolling around that seemed to be passing in their direction, soon revealing bits of the coast as they neared it. The wood extended far out into the water, making it a decent walk. A walk that would soon become something else.

Huh...? The two had reached the seventy-five meter mark that would allow Ichida to pick up on two individuals at the gates. The gates being not true gates, but the torii that was present to guide those helpless souls onto the pier. A smile grew upon Ichida's face as his walking picked up pace, and he started to approach the end of the dock much quicker. He could see the figures who he could feel, their chakra agitating his mind. "I'm going to ask for directions... Or beat it out of them." Taking off at a full speed, Ichida quickly traversed the distance and soon stopped himself about 15m from the two. As he reached the 30m mark, he would call out to them.

"Hey!" Sliding on his feet to a halt, Ichida continued on, assuming he had their full attention from whatever they were doing. There were two figures, one of them having a very specific quality. The white eyes that seemed to escape Ichida's mind for but a moment. "I'm looking for Bari, and I'm getting really fucking sick of looking for Bari. If you two don't have any information, I'm going to have to indulge myself in some long awaited entertainment..." The word choice wasn't entirely common for Ichida, but he was at his pushing point. This mission had gone on too long. Looking on at Ichida's current state, one could find a wakizashi laying horizontally upon his back, a katana strapped diagonally in the same fashion, and a kusarigama at his side. He'd retrieved a few of his weapons for all the hunting, despite not needing them.


Special Characteristics:


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Odayakana Kaze Sarutobi

PostSubject: Re: The Shattered Docks of Koshoin   Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:50 pm

The idiot...  Kaze only had that one thought when his brother announced he was going to go out and beat some people up over some information they would certainly not have.  It wasn't entirely like Ichida to just start a fight with some random strangers without very good  reason, but he had been getting worked up lately due to how slow their entire mission had been going.  As Ichida raced down the docks, Kaze followed him close behind.  Ichida was a bit faster than Kaze but over this distance it was a minimal difference.  As Ichida made his challenge slash threat, Kaze stepped in front of him, giving him a withering glare.  "I do apologize for my brother's behaviour.  We've been traveling for a long time now and he thinks himself a brawler.  Fighting relieves his stress, though that is of course no excuse for his aggressive manner here."

As he was saying this, Kaze watched the two men, looking them over.  A Hyuuga and someone who at first glanced appeared to be perfectly normal, but Kaze's sharp mind suggested to him that he might be an Uchiha.  Weren't they supposed to be looking for a Hyuuga...?  This was impossible.  Their target wouldn't be randomly strolling around for them to stumble upon.  They needed to talk to this Bari to get information on the target's location...  But still.  It was curious.

Knowing that the Hyuuga could see their ninja tools, Kaze didn't bother lying.  "We're actually ninja from a village  a ways from here.  Our current mission is to locate someone named Bari.  My brother's tactless approach aside, I don't suppose there  is the slightest chance either of you know of a man by this name.  I'm Odayakana Kaze by the way."
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PostSubject: Re: The Shattered Docks of Koshoin   

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The Shattered Docks of Koshoin
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