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 The Wilderness

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PostSubject: The Wilderness   Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:04 pm

Dengen decided to train a fighting style that was going to let him survive against any swordsmen or weapon user that he can keep up with. It is easy to wield a kunai but it is not easy to create a fighting style out of it. Luckily Dengen is both agile and acrobatic enough to make such a small weapon, a lethal one. Training the Kunai Fighting style was not going to be easy, and Dengen knew this so to begin his training everyday a grabbed a kunai and attempted to do daily life things as if the Kunai was an extension of his own arm. This style of “being one with the weapon” is known across the world and everybody is trained to use the kunai to its simplest form but now Dengen will attempt to perfect a style utilizing the small weapon. The young Uchiha picked up the kunai that he was training with after putting it down in order to rest from holding it all day, and as he picked it up he used his crouching position to quickly roll and give a slicing motion with the kunai. With the same momentum of the first swing Dengen swung a few more times in succession. Hearing his kunai scratch the wind he jumped and back-flipped in order to better maneuver around the “invisible” target Dengen just randomly started to swing at.

Dengen began his formation of swings with something he now called the HAMMER Grip. A grip in which he held the kunai firmly and was able to fight as if he was empty handed by throwing punches with incredible force. The hammer grip became a sure favorite of Dengens but not the most liked of course. After the Hammer came the ICE PICK Grip, in which most of the strikes were stabbing motions, utilizing the Kunai to stab through the skin and be able to kill. The last of the grip, the fencer grip, is Dengens favorite. And it is his favorite because he is able to move as he wishes when gripping the kunai in such a way. Loosening up his wrist and moving harmoniously created a hard defense to be able to attack through. Dengen noticed that the fighting style is very well adaptive to become one of the Uchiha clans main fighting styles, but Dengen did not care about that now as he was just trying to get stronger. Dengen stopped his training, tired as he has ever been and for odd reason since no chakra was used, just pure body energy. This was a real workout.

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The Wilderness
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