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 Training 2

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PostSubject: Training 2   Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:45 am

Dengen decided to train on his own in order to better prepare for the Exams that are to come in less than 24 hours. After Dengen took a leave from the clan and society itself, many people thought that Dengen somewhere has lost his life, but they were wrong since the young Uchiha dedicated his life to becoming stronger and faster. Dengen began doing push-ups in order to warm up, Dengen thought about knowing that he can’t ever again do something like that, he was the leader of a clan when they were at their best, and left to return to a clan divided by different ideas. There is no doubt that Dengen is the impulsive type that attacks first and asks questions later and because of this he is planning on creating a technique that feed on that impulse and is focused on speed. Dengen wasn’t ready to loose in the exams, destiny plays its hand however it chooses, and the young shinobi knows that everything happens for a reason. Dengen has the ability and the chance to train to get powerful before the exams. Now the young Uchiha can train using his Sharingan, something that he has never got the chance to do because of all of the fuzz and problems that come with activating it around people. The young Uchiha believes he is strong enough as well as capable of training his new found technique, the “Let Down” The Let Down will be known as the quickest attack of all jutsus in Dengens arsenal for the Exams. Dengen train his technique, strictly and rigorously by creating jogging routines, punching trees and swimming all day was also something he began to do until it hit night. The young Uchiha was realizing that his speed was becoming a bit speedier and this was the purpose of this technique, so he decided to use the combo for the first time. This technique began with a quick kick to what would have been the chest on the target. After that kick, a punch was thrown into the stomach, following that will be two punches aimed at the cheek bones and to end it, the shinobi will kick the targets chest once again, but this time using the pressure of the kick to jump straight up into the air while forcefully pushing the target straight down onto the ground. Dengen repeated this routine with a life size stone that was nearby until he thought that he has completely perfected the combination technique.

420 Words Used, 400 Words Needed (C-Rank)
Let Down
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Training 2
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