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 Training 1

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PostSubject: Training 1   Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:35 am

The young Dengen Uchiha began to train before the exams, and he is doing well, and the timing in which he is training is also good, seeing as night hasnít fell and it probably wonít for another few hours. Dengen didnít take this daylight for granted as he used it in order to train harder still. Dengen ran into the wilderness and began to jog to areas that would surely be too dark to run through at night. While he ran, Dengen swung his hand as he began air boxing. Picturing a new technique, visualizing it first in order to have it come to fruit when he needs it most. The young Uchiha is a profoundly skilled taijutsu specialist and not many people know that about him, and because of this Dengen wants to gain more strength, giving this technique a special focus on power instead of the usual speed, he named it ďK .O.Ē Dengen was running and stopped as soon as he seen the most random thing, and It was a bear strolling through. Dengen would usually let the animal be, but this bear happened to have growled at Dengen quite profusely. Dengen then gave the bear what it wanted, the technique began with a power punch in the dead center of its stomach. Most of the strength was put into that starting punch, so the other strikes given after were of a lighter magnitude, since they were landing while the bear was being tossed back by the momentum of the first hit. The first punch led to four continues ones and then again a considerable amount of force is used, in kicking the bear back after the 5th and last punch. The kick was a straight up kick, and it hit directly under the chin. The bear was nearly knocked out with this technique but instead turned and ran off towards his home. Dengen looked down at his fists and seen that a new technique was born before his eyes. The ďK. O.Ē technique was near flawless seeing as it nearly knocked out the bear, the only real problem, Dengen thought was his age. If he would have been older, that bear would have been gone. Dengen didnít think too much of this though, so he kept on training and repeated the technique a few more times trying this time to perfect the jutsu and have it ready for the exam.

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Training 1
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