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 Logs of Elendril

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PostSubject: Logs of Elendril   Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:57 am

Just so that I don't lose them, here are logs of a conversation I had with Elendril in the Chatbox.

Quote :
[22:22:25] Elendril : Replied to your PM Gen
[22:23:49] @ GenShinigami : Uh huh. Replied to the PM but I don't think you responded to it.
[22:26:25] Elendril : I didint get your reply
[22:27:01] Keibetsu joined the chat on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:27 pm
[22:28:49] Scar joined the chat on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:28 pm
[22:28:51] @ GenShinigami : I imagine you didn't.
[22:35:45] Razgriz has been disconnected on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:35 pm (session timeout)
[22:38:13] Elendril : Gen for the love of god stop postig on my stuff
[22:39:49] @ GenShinigami : Elen, I'm an Admin on this site. I'm posting on an application to try and make sure it is dealt with quickly so as to give the members a positive experience. You have yet to give me a reason as to why I an incapable of reviewing your works.
[22:41:00] Elendril : I as a memember have the right to not want you to post on my stuff
[22:41:19] @ GenShinigami : You're welcome to not want things, sure. But that doesn't mean you're getting it.
[22:41:35] @ GenShinigami : I want a winning lottery ticket. That hasn't happened yet.
[22:42:18] Elendril : Its my personal creation and if i dont want you posting on anything i created then i have that right
[22:42:25] @ GenShinigami : Be reasonable and accept that I was just kind enough to moderate your application in less than thirty minutes after it was posted. A very nice turnover given you didn't even have to ask.
[22:42:57] Elendril : Respect a persons wishes
[22:43:05] @ GenShinigami : You technically have no rights to your creation. Somewhere in teh site it says that all intellectual property is forfeit when you post it on here.
[22:43:07] Elendril : and i do not want you checking my stuff
[22:43:36] @ GenShinigami : Well you know Elen, I'm doing my job. Until just now you haven't actually asked me not to post on your applications. You ordered and demandded.
[22:43:39] @ GenShinigami : *demanded
[22:43:50] Scar has been disconnected on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:43 pm (session timeout)
[22:43:52] @ GenShinigami : So until now I've had no reason not to post.
[22:44:04] Elendril : I have stated multiple times
[22:44:21] Elendril : you just are to ignorant to just not do it and keep on doing it anyways
[22:44:33] @ GenShinigami : No. You've ordered me multiple times. Very much different circumstances.
[22:44:47] @ GenShinigami : And please be respectful in chat. Calling someone ignorant isn't polite.
[22:44:51] Elendril : No i have stated do not post on my stuff
[22:45:15] Elendril : Stating and demanding are not the same thing
[22:45:18] @ GenShinigami : Your "statements" have been orders, or at least that's how everyone but you took them.
[22:45:35] Elendril : No thats how you take them
[22:45:43] Elendril : no one else but you has said i order them around
[22:46:16] @ GenShinigami : You're right, because everyone else tries to give you the benefit of the doubt. But I respect them and myself too much to allow that.
[22:46:24] Keibetsu joined the chat on Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:46 pm
[22:46:27] @ GenShinigami : They haven't said to /you/ that you order them around.
[22:46:33] @ GenShinigami : It's a very big difference.
[22:46:50] Elendril : If a person has a problem with me they can say it
[22:47:39] @ GenShinigami : But regardless, this discussion is over. The rules have been laid down and until I'm told by Koto, I will continue my duties as a staff member. If you want you can request another moderator's input on those topics.
[22:48:11] Elendril : Ignorance at its finist
[22:48:56] @ GenShinigami : It really doesn't help your case when you misspell a word in that sentence, Elen. Also, please remain respectful. Next time, I'm going to kick you instead of warning you.
[22:49:45] Elendril : Im not really breaking any rules
[22:49:55] @ GenShinigami : Actually the respect one is in fact a rule.
[22:50:03] @ GenShinigami : But again, discussion over now.
[22:50:57] Elendril : I have no respect for you to begin with
[22:51:31] @ GenShinigami : Final warning. Discussion is over. Any further statements can be sent to me via PM.
[22:52:13] Elendril : that has nothing to do with the previous conversationg thats me making a statment


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PostSubject: Re: Logs of Elendril   Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:10 pm

Quote :
17:21:48 13/08/13] Elendril : You seem to be an Ok Admin Koto though this staff as a whole i cant even put into words considering yall cant seem to make u your minds about things always seem to change decisions when one of you does among other things
[17:22:20 13/08/13] @ Koto : Tai's issue is that I am an admin on every site he is on
[17:23:12 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Well Elen, unfortunately if we made incredibly specific guidelines for everything, the site would be uncomfortably rigid and try to stomp out creativity. While our current system can be a bit more time consuming, it allows for more options.
[17:24:19 13/08/13] Elendril : Um all you need to do is all have a comon agrement on what is OP
[17:25:02 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : The point of having multiple people review something, Elen, is so that if someone misses something they are being checked over again. Not everyone notices the same details. "OP" is a very vague term that can apply to all sorts of things.
[17:25:36 13/08/13] Elendril : Yeah its a diffrence between minor details
[17:25:53 13/08/13] Elendril : Koto pretty much wants the whole jutus changed
[17:26:12 13/08/13] Elendril : all of them
[17:26:29 13/08/13] Elendril : when You and Kei were fine with them
[17:26:47 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Well, you know, Koto is the Head Content Admin. So he's allowed to make those calls. In this area he overrides us. So complaining about it is really pointless.
[17:27:04 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : He, more so than anyone else on staff, can approve and unapprove things on a whim.
[17:27:53 13/08/13] Elendril : True but staff should all have a common
[17:28:18 13/08/13] Elendril : Im saying that you all dont seem on the same page
[17:28:41 13/08/13] @ Koto : I do want to add this
[17:29:03 13/08/13] @ Koto : It is our differing opinions that make us a useful staff, while yes, Kei did approve them he may have overlooked some details
[17:29:09 13/08/13] @ Koto : It is why we have several people checking over things
[17:29:20 13/08/13] @ Koto : I've had stuff corrected numerous times as well
[17:29:21 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : We're on the same page. It just happens we're reading different parts of it. Which returns to my original two points. 1) OP is very vague of a term. 2) The point of having multiple people review something is so that if something is missed, someone else picks it up.
[17:29:45 13/08/13] @ Koto : And when I check, I make sure nothing slips through. Tis why I am in the position I am. While Keibetsu is a terrific mod, I personally don't find your techniques to be acceptable at their rank.
[17:30:04 13/08/13] @ Koto : Keibetsu has corrected me a lot
[17:30:15 13/08/13] @ Koto : Though he usually tells me on skype.
[17:30:43 13/08/13] Elendril : OP is not vague if its is OP it is OP And Gen your the same person who use to get mad at me for un approving things you approved
[17:31:29 13/08/13] Yuudai Uchiha : Some people have different definitions of OP
[17:31:42 13/08/13] Yuudai Uchiha : Your OP and my OP may be different
[17:32:01 13/08/13] Elendril : Which is why the staff need to come togethor and have a common OP
[17:32:51 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : OP is a very vague term. If you disagree, please explain to me, in one paragraph, exactly how to find out what is OP on this site.
[17:33:25 13/08/13] Elendril : That would be up to staff each site has different limits
[17:33:35 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : I also did not get mad at my stuff getting unapproved. I got frustrated that you'd unapprove it when an Admin had already approved it. Made it very difficult to understand who was in charge. But that is the past and therefore doesn't apply here.
[17:33:47 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : And there, Elen. Your sentence there proves that OP is a vague term.
[17:33:53 13/08/13] Elendril : If the staff seems allowable they might let a person be able to punch through a mountain
[17:34:36 13/08/13] Elendril : I mean yall allow chuunin to run at the speeds of Sannin from what i see
[17:35:16 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Yes, with the appropriate jutsu and SC to boost them.
[17:35:37 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Do you consider that OP?
[17:35:53 13/08/13] Elendril : Hm it depends
[17:36:00 13/08/13] Elendril : I consider your SC OP
[17:36:18 13/08/13] Elendril : but a basic speed SC no and basic jutus no
[17:36:24 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : My SC?
[17:36:33 13/08/13] Elendril : Your speed SC
[17:36:39 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : My SC is actually underpowered given the current allowances for SC.
[17:37:09 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Explain, in one paragraph, why it is overpowered in your opinion.
[17:37:25 13/08/13] Yuudai Uchiha : ,
[17:38:10 13/08/13] Elendril : Its more then one SC in one
[17:38:28 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : That does not explain clearly why you consider it OP. Try again.
[17:38:45 13/08/13] Yuudai Uchiha : XD
[17:38:47 13/08/13] @ Koto : .
[17:39:32 13/08/13] Elendril : If i recall SC can only boost one thing. your boost multipe things though their all speed its still more then one thing
[17:39:57 13/08/13] Elendril : You get increased speed as in running, hand sign speed, and surgery speed
[17:40:13 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : You contradict yourself. At first you say it boosts more than one thing, then you say they're all speed, which is in fact one thing. Try again.
[17:40:14 13/08/13] Elendril : you even train faster
[17:40:31 13/08/13] Elendril : their all speed but not the same speed
[17:40:41 13/08/13] Elendril : Just cause i run fast dosent me i write fast
[17:40:55 13/08/13] Elendril : but your SC would make you run right type do everything fast
[17:40:58 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : That is not how you stated it previously. Again, one paragraph. Not broken up into ten different lines.
[17:41:18 13/08/13] Elendril : Does it matter how i say it as long as you get how i see it as OP
[17:42:07 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : I gave you a limit to how long your explanation could be, to help ensure it was concise and clear. So, yes, it matters.
[17:42:26 13/08/13] Elendril : Your SC also throws in a jutus/extra SC pretty much
[17:43:33 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Your statement does not clearly state why my SC is overpowered. Try again.
[17:43:52 13/08/13] Elendril : Um your SC is more then one SC in one tats why
[17:44:20 13/08/13] Elendril : Also, because of how competitive he is, in a direct race of land speed, Ichiro will receive a 15% boost while his opponent is in view
[17:44:39 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Yes. Which also comes at the cost of chakra, which I cannot control.
[17:44:46 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : It's a forced cost.
[17:44:47 13/08/13] Elendril : This part im not sure if its just adding 5% to your 10% or a whole nother 15%
[17:45:07 13/08/13] Elendril : for a d rank cost really
[17:45:16 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : It's an extra 5%.
[17:45:50 13/08/13] Elendril : Its still another SC in one
[17:46:03 13/08/13] Elendril : making your SC stronger then other
[17:46:07 13/08/13] Elendril : *others
[17:46:22 13/08/13] Elendril : though you did try and throw in drawbacks they really dont matter
[17:46:31 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : So you're saying anything that is stronger than something else is OP?
[17:46:41 13/08/13] Elendril : No
[17:46:48 13/08/13] Elendril : its breaking the SC rules
[17:47:04 13/08/13] Elendril : you pretty much just tried and work around the rules to get extra stuff in one sc
[17:48:03 13/08/13] Yuudai Uchiha : /
[17:48:09 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : It was approved by the admins at the time. The SC rules have had minor changes since then and I don't know for sure if it actually fits in those still. But if it was breaking the rules, I imagine you could have made a very convincing argument to the staff who were working at the time. The fact you couldn't should prove sufficiently that it was not OP.
[17:48:54 13/08/13] Elendril : Im not going to worry about something that dosent effect me
[17:49:10 13/08/13] Elendril : Especially considering you have the favorites no matter how OP it is
[17:49:35 13/08/13] Elendril : Half the staff is all buddy buddy taking each others sides
[17:49:35 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : I have the favorites?
[17:50:22 13/08/13] Elendril : As stated by someone else "The main staff are fucking each other"
[17:50:31 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : I'd say that us taking each other's side implies that we're actually on the same page. Which is something you were complaining about before. So which is it? Are we constantly correcting each other or are we constantly taking each other's sides? Make up your mind please.
[17:51:27 13/08/13] Elendril : What that means is you choose each other side regardless of what it is for the most part
[17:51:59 13/08/13] Elendril : Like when Kie approved my stuff and Koto said no to it Kei instantly changed to Koto's side without a second thought
[17:52:09 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : But then that entirely contradicts your original complaint that we're not agreeing with each other. Please make up your mind.
[17:52:21 13/08/13] Elendril : No it dosent
[17:52:52 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Either we're taking each other's side all the time or we're constantly denying stuff that we've approved. One or the other.
[17:52:52 13/08/13] Elendril : you might not agree with each other on what is op if one of you says jump the rest say how high
[17:53:35 13/08/13] Yuudai Uchiha : /
[17:53:59 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Again contradicting yourself. If that were the case then we would just agree on what is OP no matter what.
[17:54:10 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Please stop using broken logic if you're going to argue like this.
[17:54:47 13/08/13] Elendril : Its not broken logic your just trying to make me look stupid but its not working
[17:54:53 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : It grows tiresome to constantly disprove you. And I need to go study for my job.
[17:55:04 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : I don't need to try and make you look stupid Elen. It'd serve no purpose.
[17:56:46 13/08/13] Elendril : You all take sides on matters revolving others your going to take each others side before anyone elses. Now if one of you were to approve something and another did not agree with it instead of talking it out or anything you would all instantly agree with that person it keeps the odss on your side and makes it harder for people to undermind you all
[17:58:26 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : You really can't say that Elen. The staff are in constant communication through Skype and a number of these unapprovals are told to use over Skype hours before they're posted.
[17:58:49 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : You're stating things as if they are fact without having the information to back it up. This is how Republicans work. Please don't behave like that.
[17:59:02 13/08/13] Elendril : Koto didint even know the jutus were approved he asked who approved them and for the link
[17:59:30 13/08/13] @ Keibetsu : Yes, because generally techniques are approved on the app.
[17:59:31 13/08/13] Elendril : not even 2 minutes later he comes back ouh Kei agrees with my thoughts on the jutus
[17:59:34 13/08/13] Elendril : **jutus
[17:59:39 13/08/13] Elendril : *jutsu
[17:59:51 13/08/13] Elendril : thats not even close to enough time to coversate about the jutsu
[18:00:23 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Yes. Skype allows for instant messaging. It means that someone can say "Kei, this jutsu here is too powerful for this reason." Then Kei glances at it, agrees, and the other person posts.
[18:00:47 13/08/13] Elendril : not in that amount of time
[18:01:00 13/08/13] Elendril : who is to say Kei was even online during the time
[18:01:41 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : How can you say he wasn't?
[18:02:02 13/08/13] Elendril : Exactly how can you say he was
[18:02:26 13/08/13] Elendril : Considering Kai didint pop back onto the site for like another hour after that
[18:03:51 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : He's on Skype even when he isn't on the site. Plus Kei and Koto live very close to each other and have each other's phone numbers. You are arguing that I can't prove he was online when the burden of proof does not fall on me, it falls on you.
[18:04:36 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : If you think the staff are all so biased, then go complain to Todd about it and see what he says. He's fine with the staff right now. He's the one who promoted me and Koto.
[18:04:47 13/08/13] Elendril : Text message would take longer then 2 minutes lets see same with calling and walking to each others house
[18:06:15 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Elen. Discussion is over. You have a problem go bring it up with Todd if we're so terrible.
[18:06:20 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Otherwise give it up.
[18:06:44 13/08/13] Elendril : dont flater yourself
[18:07:29 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Discussion is over.
[18:07:36 13/08/13] @ GenShinigami : Change the topic if you want to continue talking in here.
[18:08:56] Elendril has logged off the chat on Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:08 pm : some people just dont like being wrong lol
Elendril is banned from the chatbox for one hour as of this post due to him not dropping the subject despite being told to and ignoring the Chatbox rule of being respectful. If he hadn't quit when he did it would have been a simple kick warning.


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PostSubject: Re: Logs of Elendril   Wed Aug 14, 2013 5:40 am

Okay. I'm going to give you a single, and final warning. Do not place yourself in any situation with Elendril. The next time you do, you will be promptly removed from staff. I'm tired of repeating myself.
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PostSubject: Re: Logs of Elendril   

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Logs of Elendril
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