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 Kings of their Realm

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PostSubject: Kings of their Realm   Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:42 pm

Mission Name: Kings of Their Realm; The capture of Kotonaru Uchiha and Adashino "Hattori" Hyuuga!
Mission Type: Government
Mission Rank: A-rank
Mission Description: Former member of the Kitai Police Force, Kotonaru Uchiha, and forgotten Hyuuga "Hattori" have reappeared. It was at the beginning of Sunagakure's beginnings that Kotonaru found himself embedded in. Though a strong figure in Kitai, his memory was nothing to these new citizens. Not sure where his clan leader had went, he decided to buy his time and play off as a merchant, riding horses through town and sell a deluded drink mixed with beans and sake. He would continue this for a long time, slowly gaining information on the surrounding world, while his rival "Adashino" grew stronger within the Looming Forest. Left to die by his comrade, Adashino strived to fight off the ants as his father ridiculed him. The battle lasted more than a week before he was able to kill the queen, stopping the rapid spawning of these ants. Though this did not lessen the threat, as there were many more, but they did not rush in to attack him like before. Away from Kitai, he would make a home in the forest, somewhere he could easily protect with his mortally wounded father. Though their relationship was more hateful than loving, Adashino remained by his fathers bed side, entertaining him by letting him explain how to be a 'true Hyuuga'. When his father finally died, he would not return to Kitai, yet, and instead he stayed within the forest and trained daily. - This is simply the backstory to the characters. You will not know this.

- This is where your end picks up.
With word of a country far across the waters, Jokigakure, Kotonaru took off. Believing that this would be where his clan was, as no members came to Suna. In his travels, he came across Adashino, who was making his way to Kitai, not knowing of it's destruction. After explaining the events, the two made a peace treaty to join their clans in the new country, before they had another match. This is where the Sarutobi come in, as Sunagakure has sent them to hunt down Kotonaru Uchiha. But, they aren't expecting two threats, nor that Kotonaru, known to the village as "Bari".

So, the mission will begin like this.
- Hunting down the merchant "Bari", as it is believed he has valuable information.
- I will make a topic, which you guys will travel to. From there, it all goes down.

Adashino "Hattori" Hyuuga
- Bukijutsu (2 Sickles)
- Taijutsu
- Byakugan

- Sensory
- Bukijutsu (Gunbai, Katana, Tantos)
- Sharingan
- Horse (He rides it)
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Jitsurei Zukai

PostSubject: Re: Kings of their Realm   Mon Aug 12, 2013 3:10 am

Since this hasn't been touched, approved.
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Kings of their Realm
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