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 Kandori: Ninja Chickens!

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PostSubject: Kandori: Ninja Chickens!   Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:45 pm

Name: Kandori Squad: Ninja Chickens (x10)
Personality: These chickens, while often distempered, have an extreme loyalty toward Osmond. They are his elite and he trusts them more than his own family. While always vigilant, these birds will eventually open up to strangers, and have been shown to have big hearts. These chicken are designed to maintain order around the other lesser chickens. They keep these lower birds in line and protect them when they are in danger. These Ninja Chickens are aware of their great ability and know that with great power comes great responsibility. While being insightful, these chickens also have a high capacity for curiosity. This tends to get them in trouble but also makes them a great fit for Osmond. When faced against a predator these ninja chickens will quickly spring into action, displaying a high level of combat skills and teamwork. The Kandori squad acts as a single cohesive impenetrable force and it's rumored that even a genin might have a few difficulties when facing off against them. The Kandori have a big sweet tooth, and love candy.
Appearance: The Kandori are larger than normal sized chickens. They have bright orange and yellow feathers and large sturdy feet with razor sharp nails. They weigh roughly 35 pounds and are 2 to 3 feet tall.
History:The Kandori is something that every chicken aspires too, and it is a great honor to advance into the ranks. Only the bravest and strongest of chickens can advance into the ranks of the elite. This requires extensive testing and chemical exposure, before one can become a Kandori. If the chicken survives the experimentation, they will become one of Osmonds elite and carry out his wishes. It is a this time when they receive their ninja headband, with the symbol of a gear on it.
Abilities:The Kandori can reach speeds of 20 mph and can carry up to 3 times its weight. They also possess a heightened sense of awareness and enhanced reflexes. It has limited capabilities for flight, flapping its wings to extend the range of its jump. The Kandori roughly weigh 35 pounds and are 2 to 3 feet tall. The have extremely strong beaks and razor sharp talons. These chickens have heightened healing abilities, being able to recover from minor injuries.

Name: Kelly
Personality: Susan is calmer and more level headed than of all of Osmonds chickens. She is not afraid to assert her authority to the other chickens and never backs down from a fight. She does have a lighter side to personality. She can be very proud at times and also a bit sassy; often objecting to some of Osmonds requests. Normally this behavior wouldn't be tolerated by Osmond, but his love for her overwhelms all other feelings.
Appearance: Susan is a darker colored chicken with long flowing brown feathers. She has a sharp beak and razor talons. On her back is a saddle, meant for Osmond.
History:After Susan, Kelly comes next in line. She is currently Osmonds right hand chicken, and is trusted with Osmonds most deepest secrets. She has been with Osmond for most of his life and is honored to work by his side. As a boy Osmond saved Kelly from an abusive relationship with her father. She believes that being by Osmonds side is the way to repay the life debt. Over the years Kelly has developed an understanding of ninja ways, making her a formidable opponent. She is willing to lay down her life for Osmond, and her loyalty knows no bounds.
Abilities:Kelly, like the rest of the Kandori is super enhanced by means of experimentation done by Osmond. She can carry almost 3 times her weight and can move at speeds of 24 mph. All of Kellys senses are enhanced, such as hearing and sense of smell. She has razor sharp feet and combat ready reflexes, as well as superior regeneration. While major wounds wont be recoverable, minor cuts or lacerations will heal within a day or two. Osmond is known to ride on top of Kelly as she is his largest chicken. She can cover ground like a cheetah, making little of the gyro-copter. Kelly possesses minor skill in advanced weaponry. Her weapon of choice the Nunchaku.

Name: Chickens (x1000)
Personality: While weak by themselves, Osmonds chickens are strong in numbers. They maintain little intelligence, but have been domesticated to suit Osmonds needs. These chickens have no supernaturally abilities and are used for testing inventions and other experimentation. Because Osmond needs lots of chickens, they are specially engineered to reproduce at an accelerated rate. Each chicken will lay one egg per week, and takes one month to grow to full size. These chickens would not be in line if it wasn't for the Kandori. When the elite ninja chickens are present, the lower chickens will mobilize into a terrifying single force. These chickens have one weakness and that is beautiful women. A strong chicken battalion could instantly be destroyed at the sight of an attractive young lady.
Appearance:These chickens have white feathers and weigh about 15 pounds. They are 12 to 18 inches tall.
History:Osmond watched his first chicken hatch at the age of 4. Ever since then he has developed a strong connection to this type of bird. He finds them valuable as friends and as test subjects.
Abilities:While these basic chickens do not have supernatural abilities, they work amazing in groups. These chickens have a sort of pack mentality, and will gain enhanced speed and strength in multitudes. Osmond will use them to move heavy objects or even carry his wagon of goods.


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Jitsurei Zukai

PostSubject: Re: Kandori: Ninja Chickens!   Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:38 pm

Approved. If another mod has issues with these, do say so.
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Kandori: Ninja Chickens!
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