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 Another Mission [Request]

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PostSubject: Another Mission [Request]   Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:25 am

Mission Name: Clearing the Wastes II: The Finale
Mission Type: Privateer
Mission Rank: S (Minimum B-Rank to participate.)
Mission Reward: 50 PAC
Mission Description: Minimum 2 participants. Minimum 2 NPC players to (1) Play the aides, (2) Play the Scorpions

After the successful completion of Clearing the Wastes: Intense Spar-Hunt, the faithful contracted employees will find themselves with a new challenge ahead of them. As they had easily eradicated the threat on the border of the village, the true source lies deep within the sands. Entrusted with the duty of completely eliminating the Scorpion threat from the deserts, the duo are assigned two aides in their quest to kill every last one.

Upon reaching the entrance to a large underground cavern, the team of four will enter and find themselves confronted with the first wave of Scorpions defending the nest. There will be five D-Ranked scorpions, five C-Ranked scorpions, and two B-Ranked scorpions in the first wave of attackers. The cavern the battle takes place in is massive and very hard, preventing the scorpions from digging like they naturally can in the sands. However, this does not stop the use of Earth Release.

After these scorpions are defeated, the second wave will begin. The last five D-Ranked and C-Ranked Scorpions will emerge with an additional two B-Ranked scorpions in order to attempt to drive off the incoming attackers. Once this wave is eliminated, the final wave will come out from the very depths of the earth.

In finale, the final two B-Ranked scorpions (The stronger variations that are a duo) and the 'Boss' Scorpion (A-Rank) will emerge. The players and the NPC must then fight it out to the last breath against this magnificent beast in order to receive their reward.

If both of the aide NPCs survive the entirety of the conflict, add 10 PAC to the Mission Reward. If only one survives, add 5 PAC. If none survive, the players will receive the regular mission reward. Should the group decide to retreat, the mission will have to be restarted.

NPC Mission Aides:

Mission Enemies:


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PostSubject: Re: Another Mission [Request]   Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:46 pm

Seems like these dangerous scorpions need to be dealt with.


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Another Mission [Request]
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