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 Mission 1: Trip into the outdoors [Request] [Joki]

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PostSubject: Mission 1: Trip into the outdoors [Request] [Joki]   Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:38 am

Mission Name: New species
Mission Type: Government
Mission Rank: C-rank
Ryo Offered Before Completion:N/a
Ryo Offered After Completion: N/a
Mission Description:
Jokigakure's set teams will venture into the Honey Forest and through the swamps in the area and look out for new species of animals. The new lands of Aroma need to name and account for all of their wild life. Teams will be sent out in search of 10 new species and are to write the name that fits them most on a list. These  lists of ten animals shall be sent to the Jokikage. From there on they will be recorded and the animals will become a part of Jokigakure's history.


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PostSubject: Re: Mission 1: Trip into the outdoors [Request] [Joki]   Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:40 am

APPPRROOVVEED. For Kye Kento, Abunai Kaori, and Arisa Haruno
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Mission 1: Trip into the outdoors [Request] [Joki]
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