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 System of a Sound

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PostSubject: System of a Sound   Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:38 pm

Light footsteps began to tread along the firm grassland. Today was a beautiful cloudy day in the summer. There was going to be a light rain soon that would sprinkle over the entire area. Summer rains, you can never predict them. This grassy area was an old training ground where young Shinobi use to hone their skills in both combat and chakra control. This cloudy day felt like a perfect opportunity for Brandon to journey into a training ground that was a portion of land located near the ruins of an old forgotten village. There was a view of mountains in the landscape as well as a large and deep river with forests in the both of its sides. There was also a glade and in its center there were three stumps lined side by side where Jounin Shinobi used to tie their Genin students, below there was the memorial stone, a polished kunai-shaped structure.

The teenage Shinobi stumbled across this place by accident. This reminded him of back when he used to train with Soran. Except their daily training was mostly performed atop the deck on their old Captain’s pirate ship. This is where Brandon truly became skilled in Taijutsu training. Despite always training with Gin during his time in the ninja academy; Brandon did not become a true master of martial arts until he was taught how to fight by a Hyuuga. Facing the Byakugan on a daily basis was what truly made Brandon a great strategist. Unlike his sensei, Brandon didn’t start out naturally gifted. He had to struggle and climb his way to the top in order to become an excellent fighter of Taijutsu.

The young teenager was still wearing his weights that measured up in total to weight an entire ton. To an observer, this would seem impossible for any known human being to manage. Even Soran did not train with these types of weights. They were simply a gift to Brandon in order to successfully hone his skills to the maximum capacity possible. If he worked hard and kept training, there was a chance the last remaining Kanzaki would soon be able to surpass Soran himself. The teen was still wearing his black T-Shirt and grey sweat pants. The weights were still placed on his wrists and ankles. He did not have his melody arms or guitar on him while he trained; they were hidden in a very special hiding place where only those with seismic sense would be able to detect.

The dead Hyuuga’s blindfold was wrapped firmly around the teenager’s forehead like a headband. This was done to pay homage to the man whom had taught him so much in life and how to become a successful martial artist and Shinobi warrior. Today is a day that would focus on Brandon’s Ninjutsu skills. He had spent so much time focusing on hand to hand combat that he had been neglecting his Kanzaki heritage. He had to find a way to develop a sound based technique that would aid him in combat if fighting hand to hand became an issue of not being enough to protect himself.

So far, all of his abilities relating to sound were either supplementary or offensive in terms of range and usability. The Kanzaki teen needed to develop something new in order to provide a stronger defense. Now that he had finished training with the young girl he had encountered while punching a stone wall, it was now time to develop something else that might save his life in the future. So before beginning any training, he would need inspiration. Brandon pulled out some thin white paper and some herbs he had discovered on his travels. He delicately licked the edges of the paper before rolling the herbs into it tightly before lighting it up and smoking it.

This was another trick taught to the teenage Shinobi by Soran. This was something Soran began to perform with Hakai when the two first met up a few years ago. This was a trick used for inspiration whenever the two would develop new ideas and techniques together. This was actually how Brandon first discovered his Sound Release bloodline limit during a spar with Soran after the two had smoked a couple of blunts together. The rogue Hyuuga’s love for battle transferred to the orphan Kanzaki. Soran was the only person that Brandon ever saw as a father figure in his life. Being an orphan for so many years left a void in his life that Soran seemed to fill. He was gone now and all Brandon had to remember him by was his blindfold that he used while pretending to be blind.

Brandon and Hakai were the only ones on the pirate crew who knew that Soran was a Hyuuga. His eyes were white and tricked the non-Shinobi of the crew into believing that a blind man was a true genius of hand-to-hand combat. Once Brandon began using his sound release jutsu on Soran, the rogue Hyuuga began to block his chakra points during the spars the two would have. This forced Brandon to learn to master Taijutsu without relying on his Kanzaki bloodline abilities. Once he became good enough, Brandon figured out his own blend of combat styles that could counter the strikes of a Hyuuga.

Brandon sparked up the joint he just rolled and began to smoke it for a while before he actually came up with an idea. “That’s it!” Brandon exclaimed in excitement. He thought of the perfect way to use sound in a defensive combat. He would need his melody arms for this, so he walked over to where they were hidden and put them on. He also strapped his guitar on his back. For this to work, he would need to be able to produce sound in any way he could. Having these items would make everything that much easier. The teenage Kanzaki Shinobi now had everything he needed in order to make a successful Ninjutsu.

He then began to practice by weaving a multitude of hand seals with one hand while holding his joint in the other and still smoked from it until he found the perfect combination that would take up the least amount of time in order to form. While taking another puff of smoke, it then came to him what to call this brand new technique. He would call it the Sonic Repel Jutsu.

This was his hypothesis: By using sonic vibrations in the air, the last remaining member of the Kanzaki bloodline could create a temporary barrier of sound around themselves and others. However, this would only apply to those standing behind Brandon due to the jutsu being limited to one hundred and eighty degrees around the front half of the teen that would be able to deflect projectile based attacks equal or lower to the rank of the sound barrier. Anything within the range is unaffected. The duration of this jutsu will only last as long as Brandon decides to spend a certain amount of chakra each time it is used, depending on what rank of this ability he is using. This Ninjutsu would only be able to deflect objects below its rank, and stops only objects equal to its own rank. Basic ninja tools and other solid weapons would also be blocked by this technique if the rank used is able to withstand the object.

So he began to test this hypothesis out by forming the hand seals and moving his melody arms. It worked on the first try! Brandon looked down at the joint and smiled. This truly was the key to creativity in the ninja world. He then took his leave of the area to journey on his way.


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PostSubject: Re: System of a Sound   Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:40 pm



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System of a Sound
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