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 Staff Appreciation Day!

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PostSubject: Staff Appreciation Day!   Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:49 pm

On 7/8/13 the staff members will not be obligated to do any of their regular duties that they have signed up for, and will be receiving double the pay for their duties they have been performing. Tomorrow, please do them a favor and don't harass them with things that you need checked. Give them a day to enjoy their own characters and plots. In addition, the admins would like the members to share which staff member they appreciate the most. For every four shout outs, we will pick a member who we think did the best shout out. The nice thing is not only will they get PAC, but the staff member they were giving a shout out to will also get PAC.

[u]Staff Member Name:[/u]
[u]Why you appreciate him/her: [/u]


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Cloud McGee

PostSubject: Re: Staff Appreciation Day!   Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:54 pm

Staff Member Name: Koto
Why you appreciate him/her: I have only been here for a short while, but I appreciate Koto. He checked over my app quickly and commented on it. This may seem small and such but I made custom things for the first time. I know anyone could have checked it but he did. I appreciate you Koto,  appreciate you so very much.


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[D] Soto

PostSubject: Re: Staff Appreciation Day!   Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:59 pm

Staff Member Name: Blaine
Why you appreciate him/her: Well, appreciate doesn't explain it well. He helped a bunch when I rejoined, everything had changed since the last time I had joined. He was fast to look over my app and accept it. When it comes to custom stuff I needed help with, he was there and ready to help. Not only these things, but he is fucking hilarious. Proud to have you as an Admin Blaine!


Soto Arino

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PostSubject: Re: Staff Appreciation Day!   

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Staff Appreciation Day!
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