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Naruto Masashi Kishimoto

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 Curse Seals

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PostSubject: Curse Seals   Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:39 am

OK, so Koto mentioned Curse seals in his post about Sage mode. So, i thought it would be appropriate to make a separate discussion topic with regards to curse seals and their possible implementation into the IC world here.

Curse seals fall under the subject of Juinjutsu. Here's a definition of Juinjutsu from Narutopedia for those who'd like to know.

Narutopedia wrote:
Juinjutsu (呪印術; Literally meaning "Cursed Seal Techniques") are a type of techniques used to bring someone under the control of the user. By applying a seal to the victim's body, the user brings the victim's abilities and actions under his/her control. With a simple secret hand seal, the user can inflict great mental and physical torment on the victim. The exact workings of juinjutsu are kept secret.

The curse seals we're speaking about now refer to Juinjutsu specifically performed by Orochimaru. Below is a link to the specific page on Narutopedia from which most of my info will come for those interested in reading it.


Immediately a problem arises as to the nature of curse seals and obtaining them.

Narutopedia wrote:
Orochimaru originally developed the cursed seals through experimentation on Jūgo, whose body naturally produces an enzyme that triggers bodily transformations, on which the cursed seal is based.

So, since the seals are just that, seals, they don't work like senjutsu in that you would train them at the required place and BAM! you have sage mode. Someone actually has to apply the seal to the user before the powers are available to them. So, we would either have to allow someone to train this ability IC and use it as they see fit, with limitations on the number of people who can have it or think of a viable work around.

Now onto benefits. The benefits on using one's Curse seal are akin to an inferior sage mode. So essentially, we could take whatever benefits are given to Sage Mode users (if that ever goes anywhere) and half that or use some other percentage of those figures.

The second transformation would give more stats and also bodily alterations that would allow the user certain special abilities once in that state; sasuke's ability to fly for instance. This could be left up to the user/giver of the seal to allow for some custom element which is not provided by sage mode.



Gin Uchiha

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Jitsurei Zukai

PostSubject: Re: Curse Seals   Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:05 pm

For the custom elements part, we should be careful to note that it's not like they're getting some kind of weird KKG or Tota bonus. The furthest extent of change we saw with Sasuke was that his Chidori had an ominous glow to it, due to the nature of Orochimaru's chakra. So, essentially, what actual changes are made may have to be further discussed there between user and sealer.

But other than a visual effect, we could make it so that the user's main element is a bit stronger while in the mode. That's an option to be left out for now, though, as we first need to know the full extent of Sage Mode.
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PostSubject: Re: Curse Seals   Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:04 pm

Previously I had made a system (I can't remember off the top of my head) which basically worked with the stages. - You had to train 4k to gain Curse Seal, when you were first given it by somebody. This would allow you to either enter the First stage via a technique, or when you reach 30% chakra. - At this point, you could remain for 4 post, before you either ran out of chakra, or would go through a severe alteration the first time to awaken Curse Seal two. - This is the only way to unlock curse seal two, so you will need to fight to go into this.

Now after gaining Curse Seal two (Which will fit the physical needs of the user), you will last 2 post the first time, before going unconscious (You gain no benefits the first time). So with Curse Seal two awakened, you will have the ability to go into Curse Seal one with a one-hand seal technique, requiring no chakra (It's just a 'release'). - You'd need to train another 3k to be able to go into Curse Seal two in battle, which would last 4 post as well. If at any point you remain past 4 post in Curse Seal one, you will be forced into Curse Seal two, unless you release it yourself. - The downfall of this is, you would need a seal like "Evil Sealing Method" to be able to cancel it yourself, otherwise you're stuck until you reach the fifth post of the Second Curse Seal, in which you collapse. (This only applies if you reach curse seal two, the person would be allowed to exit Curse Seal one themselves.)

This is just the system on the seal in rp, and not the statistics I created for each individual seal. I thought that it was balanced, as it gave a fair battle drawback, and would require more activity to gain control over, as well as a realistic approach, instead of ____ chopping wood and gaining 64 palm by the word count.

Curse Seal of Earth should provide an advantage based on their physical style (Such as hardened skin, some would gain axe-like arm protrusions like Juugo, or something else they choose)
And Curse Seal of Heaven would be designed to benefit Ninjutsu and Genjutsu users, to fit around their techniques, and not their physical bodies. As Sasuke really only gained speed, which he needed for Chidori. - And then the Sound Four gained boost for their Physical fighting styles, as well as Kimimaro who used it with his Bone Kekkei Genkai, all of which had Curse Seal of the Earth (excluding Sasuke).
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PostSubject: Re: Curse Seals   

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Curse Seals
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