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 Idea of Seal-Summons

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PostSubject: Idea of Seal-Summons    Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:35 pm

Alright. I'm not even kidding. I had this idea... Think about a seal which worked like a temporary summon, and not a contract, which would make the site more "Summon-friendly" (which I know you guys don't want.) the seal would work in a balanced manner.

You will gain a C-rank summon, which in a seal will be summoned for 5% of your chakra, no matter your rank. - This summon would have a set of techniques, only 4, and could be sold in capsule-like-balls. Likely red and White. - The summon would be balanced in the way that once it reached "50%" chakra, it would return to it's seal, unless you decide to use an additional 5%. - The summon would rank up with you.

Now these summons could only ever have four techniques, and these would be preset, so you couldn't make your own. - If you summon has a higher form (Like Pidgey), when you become Chuunin, it will become a Pidgeotto (just random names -cough-) And at Jounin, Pidgeot. - At Jounin the summon would cost 15% of your chakra, and could only remain active until it reaches 50% chakra, unless you add in the additional 15% to cover it.

Of course, the summons will not be as powerful as one you gained properly, as they will be generic, and with only a set of them available, making them more common. - Once you obtain the ball and seal, you would still need to go battle the summon and capture it. However, the wordcount would be halved, and the summon had to start at C-rank.

Much like my idea with the Cocoons, this could be a good sell, and would only involve summons that are too common to have a single contact (Not like scorpions, Wolves, etc.); And if someone allowed, a species of their summon could be incorporated. - They will be based on a widely known series called Pokemon, for new comers, to help lessen the summon system, while still keeping it moderate. They basically use all of the basic summon rules, while sharing the contract, and feeling it's less severe because it's "halved", though the half only allows you to use half the use, as well.
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Idea of Seal-Summons
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