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 Dabbling with His KKGK [Training]

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PostSubject: Dabbling with His KKGK [Training]   Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:22 pm

Hotoke had drafted up several plans for creating a few new medical jutsu, so that he could be more well rounded as an individual. So, as the laboratory was his, the queen told him that he could use it whenever, so he took this opportunity to use it to it's fullest advantage. Advanced machinery and the like were very important to him, considering he could get a lot more work done in a little amount of time, which is what he wanted to do. His birthday was coming up soon, and he was sort of changing his appearance soon too, considering his hair was growing steadily longer, and he didn't want to cut it, since he sort of wanted his hair to grow naturally. Still, he was more concerned with the laboratory, as he walked to the secret entrance, he opened it and then got into the small elevator. The secret entrance closed behind him, and one were the wiser, as anyone who entered her office would notice that there was nothing amiss. He was liking this, as he could get all of his research done without having to worry about anyone spying on him or stealing his research. If something was missing, he could assume the Queen had it, which was perfectly fine for him and his needs.

as the elevator stopped and opened on the bottom floor, several stories into the earth, the pristine white walls of the laboratory were shining with the lights that lined them. He always imagined a deep laboratory to be dark and dank, with only candles to light them, but that seemed overly inefficient to Hotoke, as he liked to always see what he was doing, and the maximum clarity possible was always a good thing when experimenting. As he toured the lab for the second time, this time without the queen with him, he really relished the thought of working here, so he would swiftly start. He wanted to begin immediately and not waste any time with contemplating things. He grabbed the jutsu blueprint that he made, even though it would still take quite a bit of tweaking to become perfected within the time frame that he set for himself.

So, the first thing that he wanted to learn was how certain animals emitted pheromones to attract their mates, as the ability to manipulate pheromones would be a very important asset. Hotoke had a few specimens brought into the lab a few days ago, ones that emitted the most powerful scents, and he would do the unpleasant but necessary task of devouring them with his special ooze jutsu. As he devoured the three different animals, the dna would flood his mind, and he would spit pieces of the dna into vials, and then put the samples into a centrifuge. After a little bit of spinning, it had separated the raw dna from the other animal parts, and then Hotoke ate the raw dna to gain an understanding of the creatures.

The act of producing a pheromone was rather easy, but it would simply take some time formulating a particular scent inside of the body. Since his ooze could take the properties of biological matter, it was fairly easy for him to produce a special ooze that would make the scent for him. After molding chakra, he performed an experiment. He would vomit out three separate oozes, using a different level of chakra each time, forming it differently. He made sure to write the specific chakra formula for each one and then label the petri dishes he placed them in to see if they would grow according to his calculations. As he did so, he would record what each one did. Usually something like this would take weeks or even a month, but his ooze was almost like a hyper-advanced being in itself, so the cultivation was extremely fast, and Hotoke could barely keep up recording the data from each one.

Once they were producing the pheromones, he smelled each one, and it seemed one sort of made him tingly, and sexually aroused quite a bit. That was all well and good, but he needed to tone it back quite a lot, and make it not so noticeable, but this one was definitely the correct sample to continue his research towards. Once devouring that and cleaning out the other dishes were done, he would repeat the experiment a few times, before he got the perfect combination of traits that he wanted.

Onto the next experiment, this one was much more directly correlated to messing with his own biological structure than it was with creating something that would do everything for him. After a bit of research and experimenting, he soon figured out that performing an experiment on yourself without some sort of clone jutsu was futile. He would simply need to create an ooze that would partially dissolve something for him, so he could store it inside of his body, so that he could keep it a secret. He wasn't sure exactly what he would keep inside of his stomach, but it was a good idea to have some sort of storage plan. So, all he needed to do was slightly change the make up of his devouring ooze, and this would allow him to break down biological materials for transport, if he didn't want to actually devour it and consume the dna information. So, he placed a small amount of blood he extracted out of one of the animals in a vial, and then kept creating ooze until he could devour it and store it inside of his stomach for later user. He kept changing the ooze so that it would reverse the process when he wanted to regurgitate the item that he had stored. Eventually he created the perfect ooze for the job.

The next order of business was a pair of jutsu that were incredibly different, although they were slightly similar in design. The first he would create would be a special ooze that could regenerate biological matter, much like an advanced version of his own ooze bandage jutsu, which would allow him to stop the decay of any biological material that he would come into contact with. Just in case he needed to preserve someone's body part, or perhaps even a doujutsu or other kekkei genkai that would need to be preserved. This ooze was a bit different than his normal ooze jutsu, considering most of the time he would simply dissolve the material, but now he would need to completely stop the aging and decomposition of the material. So, molding the chakra to change the composition of his ooze was fairly strange, and he needed to make sure that it would stop the aging process of the material. After vomiting about a quart of a few different samples, he would test them. After placing a few tissue samples into the vials, he would watch the samples, and two of them quickly dissolved, while the other one was slightly dissolving, which was the opposite of what Hotoke would want, however the middle one was the one that didn't quite dissolve it fast, so this is the one that Hotoke would devour back into his body. Now that he had the blueprint for that specific sample, he then attempted to revert the dissolving of the material by making three more samples with nearly identical traits, but this time he tried to slow down the dissolving even more. One of them stood out, and there was literally no decomposition, so he was definitely keeping this sample.

The next ooze was definitely going to be based off of what he was just practicing and he had studied, however this one would be for living tissue, so he could heal living people and keep them in stasis for a while so that they could heal off their injuries. He would have to use a live test subject for this, so he had to leave the laboratory to collect some sort of squirrel, or other smaller animal, perhaps a bird. Once he had captured a small animal and placed it inside of a small cage, he would bring it back to the laboratory and then prepare his ooze. This ooze was fairly impotent, so that he could make quite a bit of it, and he could definitely make more than ten gallons of the liquid slime. He would then vomit into a few small tanks, and then give the squirrel a very light cut on it's fur, making sure to pinch the fur at the back of the neck, where there were less nerves, so that the squirrel would barely feel it. He hated to see things suffering, but the research was of the greater good. After lightly sedating the squirrel, he would place it into the ooze, and then watch. After a few hours of placing it into different combinations of ooze, until it started healing. This ooze was fairly stable, and not getting into the squirrel's lungs either, so it seemed that he had the winner right there. He released the squirrel, and even gave him a bunch of nuts for participating in this research study, and the squirrel seemed confused, but stuffed the nuts into his cheeks and ran away. Once back in the laboratory, he would look through his research and make a plan on what to do next. He needed some sort of ooze jutsu that would allow him to safely perform medical procedures even if the battlefield was rather hectic. He needed to be able to control the ooze so that he could safely recover people or items if he couldn't safely cross the battlefield. So, another amount of time spent on research and development, as it was getting a bit later in the evening.

As he was messing with the ooze, he learned that for some reason, he couldn't quite manipulate the ooze when it became detached from his body, or at least not as precise as he wanted to. He learned that he could still have it connected to his body and perform the jutsu, however this left him a bit vulnerable to ranged attacks during it, however he would simply need to be extra careful when handling the jutsu. The day was nearly coming to an end, but creating multiple jutsu in one day was quite exhausting on his reserves. Still, it was rather fun, and he still needed to create one more jutsu, but he would have to do it early the next morning.

Hotoke would leave the laboratory and get a good night's rest in his house, before traveling back into the laboratory when he made sure no one was near the office of the queen. He didn't really like being secretive in his own city, and especially not in his own compound, but this place was a secret for a reason, and he would have to keep it that way for his leader. He was given privileged information, and was even given his own laboratory to work in, so this was something he needed to take to heart when thinking about giving any information out. He would need to be careful when speaking about his medical jutsu as well, because saying that he developed it in a laboratory was a bit of a mistake. Regardless, he would begin his new jutsu immediately.

This was a rather simple jutsu, based off of the water prison jutsu he had seen a fighter do in a spar before, that completely defeated his opponent. Hotoke would attempt to copy it, however he would use his ooze to incapacitate his opponents, and then maybe even study them later if they were a criminal or the like. He would need to learn to mold enough chakra to quickly vomit up a large amount of the restricting goo. This jutsu would also need to be connected to his mouth, to allow him fine enough control to restrict their movement. Hopefully one day, he would do away with that weakness, but for now he would have to deal with it, considering it was still rather effective. After leraning how to vomit a large amount of the ooze, which took quite a bit of chakra, he would simply take a seat in a chair and rest a while. He could control it rather well, so it wasn't a problem for him to learn too much on that, considering it should restrict the movement of whoever gets caught in it on its own. Hotoke was done, however he still had to file away all of the data he had collected, which took a couple more hours from his day, but it was worth it should anyone want to study the information, or if he wanted to study it later. Once everything was nice and neat and cleaned, he simply left the laboratory.

Word Count: 2150/2100

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Dabbling with His KKGK [Training]
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