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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:52 pm

The Chatbox is a wonderful place where you can discuss almost anything with other members of the site instantly! However there are some specific rules in there too.

Rule 1:
Respect. This is the prime rule, and if you show respect for everyone else then you're unlikely to have a problem.

Rule 2:
We are out of character in the Chatbox. This means that there will be no insulting someone for being a Hyuuga, or an Akatsuki member, or because their ninja is only a Genin. This will not be tolerated. That being said, you may discuss how your character might behave, but this is from a third person view. Chatbox is for chatting, the rest of the forum is for the real roleplay.

Rule 3:
Please do not bother staff with your issues in the Chatbox. If we state that we're open for helping people, then yes please bring your problem(s) to us. But staff members have their own lives they'd like to work on, their own characters they're like to roleplay. If you want to ask them if they're busy, that is fine too, but PLEASE respect their response. We promise everything will be dealt with in time.

Rule 4:
If the staff ask for a topic to be dropped, it will be dropped. Staff members may not be automatically right, but if there is an argument or heated discussion that cannot be resolved in the Chatbox then a staff member has the right to ask that it be stopped there, to help and prevent it from getting out of hand. Some discussions have to be brought to a PM or left to a full staff vote before any change will occur.

Rule 5:
We cannot hear your tone of voice. So if you're going to try and be funny in a subtle way, you might very well get chewed out. If you want to make a joke and you're the only one who finds it funny then you are making the wrong jokes. Racism, bigotry, and sexist jokes are an example. The best way to make people realize you're trying to be funny is simply to add an emote at the end that helps express it. Otherwise you may very well be taken seriously. We can't hear your sarcasm on here, so don't use that as a cop out excuse.
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Chatbox Rules
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