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 The Sandy Outskirts (Training)

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PostSubject: The Sandy Outskirts (Training)   Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:07 pm

Before first arriving to "The Meeting....", Ryouma stopped to make sure her Ninja skills were up to par with the other ninja that awaited her arrival. She stopped, halfway to the Underground entrance, no one in sight. With deep breathing and slight meditation, she her SC to eye the areas around her using the small vegetation that still lived in the sandy desert. The Cactus gave her views of the many animals that scurried the dry lands, looking for water of any kind. With a smirk, she finished her Meditation of her SC, and began to pull the hood of her cloak off.


Dragon > Tiger > Hare

She did those two different hand movements in a row, beginning Earth Style/Release: Mud Indulgence, and adding Water Style/Release: Raging Waves Jutsu for a bonus and fusion of the two, drowning the little creatures that lived in the dunes beneath her feet. The deaths intrigued her as the bugs and animals tried to run away, but the mud said otherwise. However, her animal and bug killing wasn't done there. She began another hand movement.

Tiger > Horse > Tiger > Snake

Using the Jutsu, Great Forest Technique, her right arm began to change into barbed tree, able to stab and kill anyone, easily. With that in mind, she smirked and envisioned the little animals, that may have not died yet, almost free and alive, but skewered by her oaky hands. She slightly giggled, opened her eyes with a sadistic grin. The wood doing exactly what she envisioned skewing the snakes, lizards, and bursting the bugs that barely flew in the air, with great swiftness.

"What a few sorry excuses of animals." she said, her saneness kicking in. She bowed her head and her arm became normal. "Your death was to further my existence, thank you." She smiled, forming another hand movement.

Snake > Rat > Ox > Ram > Snake

Were the hand signs used to form the Four-Pillar House Technique. Except, this was a smaller house that homed the small dead creatures and sunk to the bottom of the muddy sands.

"Rest in peace." She said, putting her black cloak Roy had made her back on and pulling the hood back into place. She sighed and continued her journey through the sands, hopping down into the labyrinths.

"Soon everyone will know of 'Sexy Grim Reaper'" She smirked, beginning to walk the lands.

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The Sandy Outskirts (Training)
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