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 Conquering Fear [Training, but welcome to join]

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PostSubject: Conquering Fear [Training, but welcome to join]   Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:25 pm

Maso looked at all the equipment splayed out in front of him. He started his triple check that he had everything he needed for his expedition. He checked all the items in front of him off his mental list.
“Food. Check.”
“Water. Check”
“Money. Check”
“Basher. Check”
“Tools. Check.”
“Clothing. Check”
It seemed that he was pretty much ready to set out. He felt tentative over setting out. Beyond the confines of the city the safety and security he was used to would rapidly diminish. Of course there would be the outlying farms that supported Kitai, and he hoped that his journey through this stretch of land would be peaceful and without instead.
“If only that were possible” he spoke out loud, a snort of laughter escaping with it. He started arranging everything he was going to take with him into the bag he was using. He found himself at times packing rather languidly, and pondering if he truly did want to go on this expedition. But he always swiftly admonished himself for being so stupid and set about with renewed fervor. He bag was soon packed, so before he could think of any more reasons to stop himself, he stepped out of the door and set upon his way to find himself a summon. As he wondered out from his compound and made for the outskirts of the city, his mind turned to what he was looking for.

He supposed his overall mission was to try and get a summon, he’d heard that they could be used to devastating affects in the pre-Finger era, but nowadays very few of them were seen around. They had varied between all sorts of creations; many had been animals such as snakes or toads, however he had heard that there were more humanoid summons as well. He however was after something else, Maso was sure that the animal summons were perfectly useful and deadly in a fight but he had heard of a group of summons that had intrigued him, so much so that it led him out into the wild to such for it and attempt to enlist its aid. His mind drifted back to the library where he first read about the Fears.


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Conquering Fear [Training, but welcome to join]
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