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 Night Robberies in Donburi

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PostSubject: Night Robberies in Donburi   Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:00 am

Light would yawn softly as the sunlight slowly shifted to dusk. Faint airy breezes, slowly brushed against the bare skin of the young man as he calmly used a knife to crave pieces of sweet flesh from the cherry red apple that was once placed in the bottom of his back pack. With each passing slice, the city grew darker. With a softly grunt to frustration Light allowed the details of the mission to run over in his mind once more. There had been a series of break-in these pass few nights and the people of Kitai had grown restless and demanded blood as reconciles. What right did these predators of the night have, that should pardon them from answering for their crimes, not a single one. Rumors had begun to circulate the city as the break-ins became more devastating than the last. First it was a simple nick-knack shop ran by a well-known con artist, although it was a shame that he had lost most of his merchandise, most people wrote of the event as an unhappy costumer taken revenge for being ripped off, nothing major just a bunch of useless crap that people hardly bought anyways.

Than it was the flower shop, again nothing major but people grew in concern as the old lady Bella had never hurt a soul and didnít deserve such treatment. Next on the string of break-ins was a weapons shop and grocery store, it would seem that predators would soon hit the entire city if it wasnít brought to a stop soon. A few people thought that it would be a good idea to try a nightly watch over the shops, and that too failed as one shop owner was left beaten and battered in the office of his shop. The one thing that was learned from that experiment, was that these robbers were not playing games and had some history with hand to hand combat something similar to the skills of a ninjas but not as fluent as some of the known ones walking around the city. Again Light allowed his fingers to roll over the mission scroll and pull out the contract for the job. He had been cleared to use whatever methods he saw fit for completing the jobs. The only request was that at least one or two of the guys be brought in to be questioned, to make heads and tails of the situation.

ďWhy of all people did it have to be me? Couldnít they have found someone, anyone else besides me? What about the police? Is it not their job to handle these situations? Oh yeah most of the police force isnít cleared to take a mission like this one because it doesnít pay much.Ē With that Light would softly sigh as he placed the scroll back into his bag. Still his mind raced as he wondered what in the world was his father thinking to sign him up for a charity event like this. Light slowly leaned back as he waited for the last of the shops to close up, it would seem that the most of the shops that had been targeted were shops that did not host a night crowd, so the idea that he came up with was to pick a store that had not been hit yet, which left a cleaners, a salon, and this weapon shop that he was now laying on. Although Light wasnít sure if this shop would be targeted, it seemed to hold the most value out of the last few stores on this street, besides this weapon shop sat at the end of the road and had the highest roof so it allowed him to watch the other shop perfectly without much effort.

Finally the last shop turned off its light, which for some strange reason drew a smirk across Lightís face, partially because he wasnít fund of the neon lights and the fun was about to begin. Based off the info from the only witness so far they robbers struck within an hour of the shops closing. Meaning that whoever they were was using the late night crowds as their alibies to keep the fingers from pointing at them, well thatís what Light figured anyways, and since everyone knew these shops closed early not a lot of activities happened over here at night. An hour after the shops had closed Light found that the time was moving very slowly compared to the time when the street was filled with crowds of people. Although he had originally anticipated this to be a boring mission, he was expecting to see something maybe a couple using the street to make-out, a homeless person digging through the trash cans, or even a cat siting on a fence, but this was absolutely boring and pointless, in fact he couldnít even think of a single change in the environment in the pass hour, even the music from the street over was the same. His mind had grew overwhelming bored with the lack of activity that he was getting.

At first he thought that maybe word had gotten out that somebody would be watching the shops, than he thought even if that was the case this group of robbers didnít seem to be the scary type. Light would slowly lean back as he would allow his eyes to fall on to the clouds that were slowly shifting above, it would seem to him that they too were in a rut as Light again identified a cloud that looked like a mouse from earlier. He would find himself slowly singing along with the music from a street over, although he was unsure of what the name of the song was it seemed to be popular because it remembered hearing the song a while ago. In fact this whole little hour that he had been up here seemed a little too familiar. Light would slowly sit back up as he would allow his hand to pull out the knife that he had from earlier. He would reach down into his bag and attempt to grab a snack, as his hand would slide deeply into the bag he would feel a sharp pain running through the tip of his finger as he would go to shake his hand and examine it for blood.

Slowly he allowed his finger to be held up towards the moonlight as he noticed the cloud once again. It was the exact same one from moments ago; in fact the more that he thought about it the more the one from earlier too looked exactly the same as the first one. He would place his hands together as he would use a genjutsu release technique he had learned when he was back in the academy. Light remembered the first thing that he had ever heard about genjutsus, before you can break one you have to know if youíre in one and most commons ones deal with giving you a sense of dťjŗ vu, or something that seems off about the environment. Immediately after using about a ĎCí amount of chakra to dispel the genjutsus, everything seemed to be on a different accord. Light looked to the sky which was very clear and mostly cloud free. The Music for the street over was different and the moon indicated that more than an hour had passed since the shops actually closed. That a strange sound could be heard coming from inside the shop almost as if someone was in it.

Light would waste no time acting as he allow his body to slide of the roof and catch his foot on the edge of the window seal. The owner had did as he requested and left the window open which allowed Light to enter the building with very effort and without alarming his guest. He quickly activated his Byakugan, and within the same moment the room opened up for him allowing him to see everything including the five intruders he were moving around with flashlights. Light would slowly slide to his left as he made his way behind the first guy who seemed more interested in a group of scrolls that his own surroundings. Light swiftly grabs the man from behind using his forearm to yank the man by his neck and his other arm to lock the hold in place as he pushed forwards and pulled the man to the floor as quietly as possible. He would the lock hold long enough to cause the man with the mask on to go sleep. Light then moved to the next person who seemed stuffing a few items over into his bag. Light again grab the man from behind but this time he would strike the man squarely in the spine as he used his hand to cover the manís mouth and avoid too much noise escaping the mouth as he would pull him to the floor and deliver a firm strike to the manís head with caused the manís to black out leaving his body to loosen up as if in a slight comma state.

Light would sigh mentally and moved slowly around over towards the throwing knives section of the store. He would grab a set off the table as he would look at the final three men, who seemed very much unaware of his presents yet. One man seemed to be engaged with the ideas of weapon selecting while another one was looting the office. The final man seemed to be in a fixed position as if he was casting the jutsus. Light figured he was the one responsible for the genjutsus that he had been caught in. With how close the final three man were standing next to each other there was no way he would be able to capture them without placing the others on alert, Light would debate the ideas of getting them to separate from each other but decided against it as he didnít want to find out whether or not these guys were skilled in hand to hand combat. With a quick flick of his wrist he would unleash a fiery of throwing knives at the group making sure not hit anywhere that would have an instant fetal blow. The gut in the office would take three throwing knives to the back; the man that Light had assumed was responsible for the genjutsus would take two throwing knives to the legs and three in the chest. The man who was engaged with weapons selecting would take four knives to the chest.

Light would quickly move from out of his cover as he would kick the man that had once been casting the genjutsu in the head. The kick was strong enough to snap the manís head backwards but not enough to kill, but just knock him. The man that was once looking at the weapons would manage to pull out one the knives, but it would do him no good as Light was already standing over him and swiftly delivering a knee to the manís face. His body would flop over as he would fall sideways. The final man in the office would scream out in pain as he attempted to crawl away; Light would chuck lightly as he would stand over the man and stomp down on the manís shoulder in take some rope and tie him up. Light then drag the man from the room as he would place in the middle of the floor and bring all of his buddies to him and tie them up in the middle of the floor, with some more rope that he had found from the shop. Light finally allow his Byakugan to fade back to normal as he grabbed one of the flairs off the table and shoot it off into the sky, he had told the shop owners to look for one if he was successful in finding out anything about the robberies. Within moment the quite street filled with a crowd of people. Light would slowly walk over to the shop owner, ďMr. Mue if you hurray youíll be able to save all of them and have five suspects to question. If not than it doesnít look too good for three of them, but I do expect to be compensated for capturing them alive.Ē With that Light would slowly begin to cut through the crowd as he made his way towards the bar to get him something to eat.

Word Count: 2085
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Night Robberies in Donburi
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