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 Divine Omnipotence [Training]

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PostSubject: Divine Omnipotence [Training]   Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:19 pm

Rush hour. It was a time that Takeshi didn’t particularly enjoy in most cases. The unrelenting sound of the masses was a horrible nuisance, and the vast amounts of people requiring him to be ever vigilant, especially in such a dangerous place of Kitai City. It was a place where you always had to look where you stepped. These circumstances were even more magnified in the Donburi district, the epitome of nightlife in this world. The streets were overflowing with young people going from store to store, or the elderly simply enjoying the nightlife. The targets for Takeshi’s new training were abundant.

This evening was something that Takeshi had been waiting for. After numerous instances of testing before coming into this environment, he believed that he had achieved a flawless method of reading people. It was a frightening ability that he had been prepping for years. The ability to read someone through their body language was nothing new, but with his eyes he would be able to take it to new heights that were surpassed only by the Uchiha, and even then he had found a way to read certain things they could not, specifically out of combat. With this new ability, he would become truly divine by achieving a certain level of lesser omniscience. This would be his first attempt at actively training this new special characteristic in the real world instead of controlled environments.

When he previously trained this technique he would use willing subjects who would try to think or recollect certain images from their past or mind that Takeshi had no prior knowledge of. He would then try to read their body language to an extent not visible by the human eye in an attempt to predict what they were recollecting. Obviously this had its limits, he couldn’t read minds, but he could easily read very subtle and subdued emotions and true feelings. He became a living lie detector as well as a type of mental surgeon, able to dissect a person’s emotions and thoughts against their will, often times sending his willing subjects in need of their own psychiatrist.

When it came to actual combat it was clear that this technique had its uses. With the ability to notice even the slightest change in a person’s body and the ability to quickly process the meanings and possibilities he gained a new level of prediction and competence when it came to both attacking with accuracy and avoidance with ease. If this training exercise was a success then he could consider this technique mastered, and combined with his already masterful speed, he would truly become a force in this new world of the shinobi.

As he strolled down the street, the daylight quickly retreating into darkness, he scoped out the numerous stores and stands, looking for an ample opportunity to test his new skill.

”This looks promising” He said quietly to himself under his breath. He had spotted a small stand with an arrogant looking man. The man looked to be in his mid 20s, with dark tan skin and short black hair, his large muscles being shown off by his sleeveless shirt. He wore a cocky smile, all of his white teeth being exposed to the world. His attitude was that of a master haggler, he was good and he knew he was good.

Takeshi leaned against a nearby wall for a few moments as he observed the man sell his assortment of goods that ranged from food, to various knick-knacks that served no real purpose, such as snow globes. None of his goods seemed to have a price on them, all the sales were done through a not so sophisticated bartering system where the buyer would name their price and attempt to haggle down the cocky young man. After what seemed to be dozens of customers through the next hour Takeshi did not once see the man sell anything below the original price offered. More often than not, he was able to actually increase the price that the buyer originally wanted to offer. He was a very talented salesman indeed. Takeshi figured that, this would be a good opportunity to attempt to try out his new technique on a man that was not only talented in his craft, but also confidant in his own abilities.

“You! Young nobleman! It would seem that a man with such a keen sense of taste would have use for some beautiful jewelry!” The salesman yelled as the young Hyuuga approached the stand. His eyes already scanning over his intended target, find every weakness in his personality, every doubt lodged within his subconscious. His goal would be simple, if somewhat harsh, he would break this man and get whatever goods he wanted for such a low price that it would be like stealing.

“Yes, my fine sir, I would like to purchase something with enough beauty to honor my eyes.” Takeshi answered the salesman with a matching bit of confidence. His eyes were drawn to a particularly magnificent looking piece, a shiny silver necklace with some fine gems in the middle. It seemed that this piece was worth at minimum a thousand Ryo. He pointed at the valuable necklace and looked up at the man, it was time to manipulate him.

“I would like this piece, and would be willing to give you… lets say… 800 Ryo.”

“800!? My good friend, this piece is rare find from the ancient wasteland of Konohagakure. An antique from a bygone age! It is worth at minimum 1500 Ryo, and I will accept nothing less.”

A lie.

Takeshi thought immediately. His eyes locked onto his, it was obvious. The man’s pupil moved up and to the left when he emphasized the origin of the item, Konohagakure. This meant that he was visually constructing the image of the item being found in Konoha.

“Of course, are you sure there isn’t a better chance of it being tea country made? Maybe a rather common item of Kirigakure, or perhaps just some peasant made replica worth nothing more than the few stones its made out of?” Before he even finished his sentence the man’s thoughts were clear to him. His eyes darted to the right, if only for a fraction of a second, a movement unnoticeable to the untrained eye, this movement meant that he was recollecting the auditory memory of him hearing the item’s origin, most likely from his own buyer or crafter. This reaction happened when Takeshi mentioned the item beings a cheaply made replica. There was also a slight change in the man’s body posture, he slumped ever so slightly more, and a miniscule amount of sweat could be detected.

“I know I am right.” Takeshi spoke slowly and deliberately, sounding quite intimidating. “Who do you think you are, trying to pull a fast one on me?” The question opened up a whole new avenue for Takeshi’s approach. The cocky salesman’s demeanor was still unwavering, at least not on the surface. Again his eyes shifted.

Down and to the right huh? and then quickly to the right.

He was talking to himself, while recalling a previous conversation. Based on a minute shift in a single breath, visible on his chest it was an unpleasant conversation. Most likely someone of great importance saying something of the same manner as Takeshi just did. The influence was most likely a parent who was highly demanding, one who is always expecting the most from a child. A masculine force, it was obvious through the man’s demeaner and how he handled himself, trying to be the pinnacle of manliness.

“You are a disgrace of a salesman, a disgrace to you’re father. Did he never expect much of you?”

“What!?” The salesman stammered, his body tensed, his eyes became unfocused. Takeshi blinked, when his eyes opened they were cracked and intense, his Byakugan activating. The salesman jumped back in fear.

“My eyes see all. Nothing can escape my divinity.” His voice was firm, powerful, frightening. “I can see your msucles and chest tighten. Your heart is pumping blood at An abnormal rate. Every bead of sweat, no matter how invisible it may be to the normal eye, is visible to me.” Takeshi spoke slowly, his eyes scanning over the man with utmost precision. No movement the man made was safe, every minor tremor or bodily function telling a story to the young Hyuuga.

As Takeshi finished his final statement he noticed a sudden change in the man’s demeanor, from fear and vulnerable to angry and violent. The man’s muscles moved in a way to indicate his next move. Takeshi saw it coming a mile away. With blinding speed Takeshi avoided the punch and poked the bottom of the man’s arm, causing intense pain.
“I’ll give you 5 Ryo out of pity. Even though it’s clearly worth only 3.” He taunted as he picked up the silver necklace and walked off with it. Dropping a handful of Ryo on the table, the man clenched his arm in pain, his mind racing with thoughts of his dreadful past with his father and how the noble Hyuuga had known of it.

As he strolled down the street Takeshi handed the necklace to a local beggar, his eyes returning to their normal state. His final bit of training was a complete success.

Words: 1559

Special characteristic obtained::


Link to Character, Hyuuga Takeshi

“The overman (übermensch)...Who has organized the chaos of his passions, given style to his character, and become creative. Aware of life's terrors, he affirms life without resentment. ”

― Friedrich Nietzsche
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Divine Omnipotence [Training]
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