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 The Coruscating Clam

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PostSubject: The Coruscating Clam   Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:40 pm

Adashino had made his way into the Donburi district, a part of Kitai he often steered from, as he had no need to spend his money. It was around mid-day, and the walk was rather placid; the few people who were in the area quietly spoke by the ledge, laughing to themselves, and enjoying the view from up above. It was the type of sereneness Adashino preferred, as he didn't have to worry about bumping into anyone, or trying to get around the crowd.

But it was not the atmosphere which brought Adashino down the strip today, rather the unique shop he had arrived out. The outside was decorated in tousled boards which covered what were once windows. - On both sides of the shop, a kanji for "Clam" was smudged on in a thick black paint, accompanied by a small golden maneki-neko which sat on the ledge. Slightly uncentered on the shop, were a pair of dark green shoji, which were slid tightly together. As Adashino reached forward to the small crevice that was a handle, he had to get a slight tug to pop it open. The sound had likely alerted the shop keeper in the far back, as Adashino made his way in, turning slightly to slide the paper door back, blocking out the light.

Old man: "Oho... Welcome there... We don't get many visitors, lad."

Adashino nodded slightly towards the man, turning his gaze to the crooked structure of the room, as he brought his hand up. With a light gesture, mainly to himself, Adashino pointed out the shelves which only bore a name tag, stating what should be there. The emptiness had drew him in; as he came near the shelf, he could make out the image of kanji burned into the wood, though the pockets had been filled with a thick mold of dust. The rumors had proven to be true, and just as fascinating as Adashino expected. Near his home, the other day, he had overheard a group of children talking about a 'creepy old man' who kept all his merchandise sealed away, so that it could not be stolen. And this was exactly what he had hoped to find.

Adashino: "I suppose you don't, sir... Though I have to say, I greatly admire your use of seals... Were you a shinobi once?"

His fingers ran across the hard oak of the shelf, which under the dust still glossed as if it were brand new. As he lifted his hand from the shelf, Adashino turned, and looked towards the elderly man who smacked his lips together, trembling slightly, as old men do.

Old Man: "No, no... I could never make it as one. - The seals you see are... Were just a hobby."
Adashino: "It'd be a shame... Your legacy only being this shop. - Could you teach me?"
Old Man: " Why yes, yes... Though I can't say it's for the fame. All men must die, and their name as well. - And just like your breath, some take longer to... Exhale."

The old man cleared his throat slightly, and backed from the counter, taking small, laborious steps toward a shelf just feet away from him. - Adashino had made his way to the counter briefly before the man found what he was looking for, hidden in a small cubby. He brought a slightly crumpled wax parchment to the counter, which looked very used. Scribbed across it were illegible numbers and calculations, likely for prices. Making a few stuttering mummbles, the man brought his trembling hand forward, and pointed to a small Kanji on the bottom, which had likely been traced over many times.

Old Man: "Hmm.... You see, there isn't... Much to it. It's like the summoning technique, you just need one contract, which is... This right here. Once you write out this formula, all you need is what you're sealing, and applied chakra for it. The Generic Sealing Technique...

Finishing his explanation the old man would nod slightly, rubbing the tips of his swollen fingers against the extended beard on his chin. Adashino gave the man a quizzical look, reaching behind him, into the kunai pouch which hung on his waist, just below his hidden Kama. - Gently unhooking the latch for the pouch, he brought out a average kunai, and placed it on the yellowed paper, his hand loosely laying on it with a hint of doubt in the simplicity. - With a sigh, Adashino would expel some of his chakra through the paper, creating a small cloud of smoke which wisped from between his finger tips, dispersing in the rooms draft.

The elderly man gave a nod, his eyes shut, as though he were not even paying attention. - Assuming the next step was just as simple, Adashino pressed his hand down on the parchment, while his other made the 'ram' seal, for release. - For a brief moment, as smoke once again was summoned, Adashino would believe it was a success, though the glory was cut short when he realized their was no steel within his grasp. - Scowling slightly, Adashino would press his hand down once more, and release chakra, this time trying to channel it inward towards the seal; with a small puff of smoke, the paper ruffled slightly, and Adashino raised a kunai blade from it's midst.

Word Count: 912

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The Coruscating Clam
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