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 In regards to the recent banning of a member

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PostSubject: In regards to the recent banning of a member   Fri May 31, 2013 5:13 pm

Moments ago in the Chatbox I made the decision to ban the member Gambaldi. This is a seven day ban, and will apply to all of his accounts and characters. If he attempts to evade this, I have informed him that I will extend his ban to a full month.

This topic is not for discussion on whether or not you think what I did was right. He has the right to appeal this ban, and it will be dealt with accordingly if he does. I am not posting this to defend my actions so much as to ensure that the entire board is aware of the situation.

He was banned because he was warned three times by a staff member.

Yesterday he was asked to stop calling someone a "traitor" OOC due to their IC actions. When he did not stop, he was warned twice by a staff member before being kicked from the Chatbox.

Today, he discounted IC actions and IC situations as he was making decisions on what he wanted to do with a new member. I informed him that he couldn't simply ignore these and overlook them, and so his solution was equal that of god-modding. I told him of such, and he shrugged it off. Then when someone explained that their character would not just go along with it, he told them that their character had no right to stand in the way of advancement and ended it with "Sucka!" I gave him a final warning of a week long ban at which point he began to argue that nothing he had done was disrespectful. I told him to drop it and we could leave it there, but he did not and so I followed through with my decision to ban him. A few moments later he was logged back into the Chatbox under the account Bastian at which point I informed him that if he attempted to evade the ban, it would be extended to a month.

This has led to certain members in the chatbox stating that they believed what I did was unfair. Frankly, I'm a very easy going and laid back person. That being said, unless he appeals the ban it will be left on his accounts.

Gambaldi's actions have caused tension and stress to certain members for more than just these two days. He has behaved as if his in character position (That of the Uchiha Clan leader) carries into out of character situations. This is not the case and now he is learning that his behaviours have consequences. Respect is the rule I go by, and I did not see him giving any respect to anyone. He was behaving as if he deserved admiration without earning it.

I am posting this, but locking it as well. As I said, this is not a discussion topic. He has the right to appeal the ban, but the decision is made.
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PostSubject: Re: In regards to the recent banning of a member   Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:40 am

In my opinion, sure Gammy seemed entitled and stubborn, but he wasn't disrespectful enough to result in a ban. Site bans are from breaking rules, while chat bans are only really necessary if they are disrupting the cbox or if they are outright disrespectful. He was neither. Yuudai and Gen were not wrong in punishing him, the punishment of this measure was not necessary though.

We need to be careful in the future. Things like this can literally start member civil wars.

Make love not war, thanks guys.


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In regards to the recent banning of a member
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