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 [Mission] Hospital Rounds

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PostSubject: [Mission] Hospital Rounds   Fri May 17, 2013 1:57 am

Hotoke was excited for his first real mission, and it was something that he was perfectly suited to doing, and that was making simple rounds in the Kitai Hospital. He would get to wear scrubs and everything, as he made sure the patients were okay, administered ivs, and gave them their medication. He got dressed quickly, and had a quick look at himself in the mirror, before heading out and making his way to the hospital. He lived around twenty minutes from the hospital, which was pretty far to his standards, although he wasn't really fast or anything. However, he left forty minutes early, so he could get there earlier than expected, because he wanted to get to work as quickly as possible. As he approached the large hospital, he made his way to the front desk, announcing his arrival there. The young woman at the front desk checked, and shot him a very skeptical look, as if it was a joke because he looked so young. Well, the forehead protector he wore around his waist should have been proof enough, but she had to check with a senior doctor first. Hotoke had helped out here before, so it wasn't going to be much different, but now he was going to get paid quite a bit of money. As the doctor came in, he ruffled Hotoke's hair, and then dismissed the woman.

"You know what to do, so go ahead."

Hotoke nodded, his wide grin the face of determination. He quickly walked to the room where they kept the patients that needed to be looked after, and he grabbed each of the clip boards, and started reading, one by one. The first one was simple, and all he needed to do was insert an iv. So, he grabbed the iv from the medical closet, filled it with saline, and made his way back over to the patient. It was sort of funny, seeing him walk the iv, which was larger than he was, to the bed, and then had to use a small foot stool to get up to the patient.

"Hello sir, I'll be helping you today."

The man laughed, as though it was a joke, but an extremely swift movement of the hand sent the iv needle into the man's arm, and found the vein perfectly. The man whinced slightly in pain, and then started to get angry, but Hotoke switched the knob, allowing it to drip into the man's arm. The man was dehydrated severely for some reason, most likely because of his job, but Hotoke took his job seriously, even if others didn't.

"Would you like something to eat, sir?"

The man shook his head, and then grumbled something before rolling over and going to sleep. Hotoke sighed, but smiled too, as he went over to the next bed. The next patient simply needed medication, and that was a simple enough job. Hotoke walked away with and came back with the woman's antibiotics and a glass of water, before handing them to the woman. The woman nodded and Hotoke was onto the next part of his mission. As he was walking, a doctor pulled him aside. The little genin was sort of famous around the hospital senior staff for having amazingly deft hands, much like a surgeon, and while he could possibly perform simple surgeries, he wasn't quite there yet. However, the doctor asked him to perform a plasma transfusion, and this was something very easy as well. So, Hotoke went to the freezer, and grabbed a bag of frozen plasma, which he then brought to a machine that heated it to room temperature rapidly, so they weren't injecting frozen crystals into anyone. The iv was in, and the plasma was emptying into the old man before he knew it, and the doctor slapped Hotoke on the back, which started to bruise immediately, but Hotoke held a small tear back.

After all of this, the doctors waved at him, as he noticed it had been about two hours. He would wave them goodbye and leave the hospital.
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[Mission] Hospital Rounds
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