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 lost kid [mission]

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PostSubject: lost kid [mission]   Thu May 16, 2013 12:09 pm

It had seemed like the average day to Raishi, as he woke up to the pale and stinging sun, beaming down on him.

He was feeling bored – he was bored of being bored. He didn’t feel the push o f going adventure hunting, so Raishi just went for the next best option. A mission.
Raishi didn’t enjoy taking missions; although it offered lots of ryo, he didn’t spend lots of money any way so he saw it as pointless. Why risk his life or do irritating odd jobs just for money that he would end up not using? Nonetheless, he needed something to do. Fast.
Now at the Mission Center, he looked through the various missions available for his rank. He needed to be careful in picking a mission as it had to be challenging enough to kick up his brain, but not too challenging to make him over work it. He wasn’t using the money anyway right? So why put in your all?
He found the perfect mission, one that had to do with the kidnapping of a little kid named Onshi. According to the information, he was last seen in the City Outlands...Raishi’s favourite place in the whole of Kitai. Saying goodbye to the unfamiliar secretary, Raishi headed on out for the Outlands, going by the only means of speedy transportation- the rooftops.

As Raishi headed on over to the Outlands, he found himself not rushing or even caring about the mission; he was taking his time. As soon as he realised this, a sudden sense of urgency washed over him, nearly knocking him out of the sky; immediately, his senses seemed to revive with this realisation...... a kid was missing, if not dead and he was busy counting the clouds? With that, he focused all his being into the completion of the mission....he had to find the boy, had to make sure the poor kid was safe. The money didn’t matter, the safety of the kid did.
In no time, he had arrived and he already started searching for the kid. He walked round the familiar terrain, remaining hopeful that he would find him.

”Onshi! Onshi! ONSHI!”

Each time he called his name, it was louder than the previous call. Where was Onshi? Raishi sat down on the moist grass, feeling the pain in his throat from the yelling. He needed to think. This place is too big for me to search every single inch of.....besides I have already searched all the parts that I am familiar with, so how about the others?
He stood up and started searching the Outlands once again, this time the places he wasn’t familiar with....he checked every inch that could be checked, but still, Onshi could not be found.
Now, even Raishi didn’t know where he was, as he was in a totally unfamiliar part of the Outlands that he didn’t even know existed; he had never come this deep before. It was definitely a different part as it was like the exact opposite of what Raishi loved; the grass was a dead , crisp color, the sky a brown with splatters of blue and the trees with their sinister branches. Although something else caught his eye.......there in the distance was a small, dark house.

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PostSubject: Re: lost kid [mission]   Wed May 29, 2013 5:12 am

His first impression of the house was terror. It had a sinister look to it, it's roof curling sharply at it's edges; a silhouette of a house in a wretched setting. A perfect fit.
Raishi walked towards the house calmly, trying not to jump and run back home...he was one step closer to Onshi, so he couldn't turn back now! It was possible that Onshi had entered the monster of a house, out of curiosity or because he was lost.....or kidnapped even. However it played, Raishi was going in the house; whether he liked it or not.........and he really didn't like it.

As he got closer to the house, he was still skeptical about his decision to venture into the sinister looking building, when he realised something of great importance. It looked smaller now. Way smaller. He increased his pace slightly to see if his theory was right.....and it got even smaller. His walking pace changed to a light jog and Raishi was about 5 or so meters away from the house. Once he was close enough (about 2 meters) Raishi began to laugh, wiping of the beads of sweat that had plated his temples, caused by his nervousness. It was not a house. It was in fact, a hut. A very small one at that. Suddenly, its sinister look seemed to flee away from it as it just stood there, in all its pathetic glory.
Raishi made to knocking the door. He figured that if indeed somebody lived here, as sad as it may be, he still needed to be polite. It was their home after all. Just before his knuckles made contact with the door, he heard an unnerving sound coming from the inside of the house. He paused, listening carefully, trying to figure out what exactly was going on inside. He strained and strained but he could hear nothing....he promised himself that he would later train his hearing, as he needed to have topnotch senses to be a great ninja.

Still straining for several moments, he finally heard it again. Although, it sounded slightly different....more heavy. It was now rhythmic, still unnerving but getting louder and louder. He wondered what the sound was and why it changed drastically. Then it hit him...it was the sound of somebody snoring.
Raishi opened what seemed to be the door carefully, hoping to not make a sound. It wasn't possible anyway as the door creaked terribly....though the people inside were too distracted by their own snoring to hear the loud creaking. Raishi went in swiftly, and silently....it was a one room hut. And there in the corner of the room, was a diseased looking man, and a small child dressed in high quality clothes, both sleeping on the floor. Bingo.

This was Onshi...he was rather cute to look at, his snoring overpowering that of his kidnapper's. Raishi made to the mat they were lying on, and lifted Onshi with tender arms. He placed him on his back slowly, so it would be comfortable while he slept and Raishi took him home. In seconds Raishi was almost at the door, and he was just about to leave when the door opened on its own, and there stood a monster of a woman. She charged at Raishi immediately.....it seemed like this was Onshi's kidnapper.
Instantly, Raishi jumped backwards,almost stepping on the diseased man, Onshi stilll on his back....his hands were being used to keep Onshi on his back so he couldn't punch...he just had his feet.
He watched as the woman charged at him...she was terribly slow, although it looked like she was putting her all into it. There was only one thing to do......
He stood at his position, watching the woman with a smile as she charged at him. She was almost there......
Just when they were about to collide, Raishi shifted his body swiftly to the side, sticking his leg out. The woman tripped, and crashed into the wall of the hut. The wall couldn't take such impact, so it decided to break of the hut....the whole pitiful structure was coming down, and the diseased man still slept peacefully.

Raishi ran out of the hut as fast as he could, and in moments, the whole hut crashed down. Despite the loud crashing, Onshi's snoring still remained rhythmic and loud, deafening Raishi's ears. It was going to be a long journey back home.



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lost kid [mission]
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