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 I'll be a dentist. [Training]

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PostSubject: I'll be a dentist. [Training]   Thu May 16, 2013 8:15 am

Maso sat watching the world go by, it was a slow day for him. There was very little to be getting along with, the day was warm and with little to do it made him feel rather sluggish. He was quite content to just sit and do very little, he been sat for a good hour watching the world go by, sat across from a density surgery it made for some interesting viewing as sorts of people entered and left. He supposed that he had always been quite lucky, his teeth had always been fine and so short of the occasional check up hadnít required much attention. This was an ideal dream for many, as a fair number of people were walking in and out with the pain and discomfort streaked across their entire body. He supposed they would be quite thankful for the anaesthetic they would eventually receive once it was their turn. The thought of the anaesthetic and its potential uses, lead to Maso getting up and going off to use what remained of the day.

Much later after collating numerous books, equipment and reagents he was ready to begin to form N2O. With the aid of the books the formation of the gas was a very simple process, one that he could do easily with a condenser. He used an oil bath to maintain the temperature of the pear shaped flask, in it as pure ammonium nitrate as he could find. The condenser removed the steam from the mixture and he collected the gas that remained. The next stage was a more difficult one, this involved the purification of the gas, he attempted various methods suggested such as cooling them down, and trying to remove them via their boiling point, it however continued to produce few results. In the end he settled for a gas wash, where he fed the N2O through alternating bases and acids. After looking at the clock for the first time since starting he, spent a moment in shock at the realisation that he had been working solidly for three hours, and he now suspected that many of those around him would well on their way to bed, if not already there. Despite having the gas he still had yet decided to a way to deliver it effectively. He decided the best method would be to see if he could dissolve it in something, and use this as a delivery method. Despite it dissolving in oils, he found this presented problems with delivery and so settled for Sulphuric acid as the delivery method. Small polystyrene beads were also very successful at absorbing both the sulphuric acid and the dissolved gas. It seemed to him that should these been burnt, it would release the gas, and cause little harm to their effect.

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I'll be a dentist. [Training]
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