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 Forget Flakers Clause

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PostSubject: Forget Flakers Clause   Wed May 15, 2013 1:05 am

Under the "Forget Flakers" clause,

Sometimes members are given a staff position, a bijuu, an increased rank, or any special thing that members do not get. If they flake out of their position, or out their character, it will be stripped and will never be given again. That's right folks. Here are some specifics.

Staff members who flake under 6 months apply.
Characters given, and that are flaked under 6 months, apply.
Special Items and special positions given and that flake under 6 months, apply.

This applies for people who go inactive over thirty days without explanation. NarutoR will give special favor to veteran members, but only those veteran members that have now truly earned it. This takes effect from March 1st 2013, to the current date, and for the future.

Thank you!


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Forget Flakers Clause
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