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 The training of a life time. (OpenWpermission)

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PostSubject: The training of a life time. (OpenWpermission)   Wed May 08, 2013 12:17 am

Natsu quickly moved through the woods as he made his way to his special training place. As Natsu would now be starting he training that he had been putting off for a while. Though Natsu knew for a fact that if he did not get to work soon he would start to fall behind on his ninja skills compared to all of the other ninja of his rank. As Natsu had already decided to wait on taking his Jounin exam until next time the exam was offered as he felt that it would be better if he started training himself more so that he would be completely ready for whatever they threw at him during the exams. And Natsu figured that the best way for him to start getting ready for that was to start training some new jutsu. As each jutsu offered versatility to situations and most of the time Natsu focused on his Kenjutsu skills.

But Natsu figured that if he was going to be able to survive the Jounin exams then it would be best for him to increase his jutsu archive by increasing his list of Ninjutsu as Natsu was currently lacking very much in his Ninjutsu. And Natsu figured that if his cousin threw them on some island or in the woods for the exam. Then he would need to have the elements on his side to make sure that he would be able to survive the environment. So Natsu figured that it would be best if he worked on elemental Ninjutsu. And the spot that Natsu was going to would be the perfect place for him to train and increase his skills on his elements. As he was sure that very few people if not no one would be around the area he was going to.

This would allow for Natsu to be able to mess up stuff without having to worry about the safety or the peace of those around him. Since Natsu was sure that this was going to be a long training process that was going to make a lot of ruckus and mess with the surrounding area. And if anyone was around they would probably get pissed off. Though Natsu could care less if people were pissed off, he just did not feel like having to deal with them while he was trying to train. As Natsu walked to his special area he would be upon. As Natsu had now walked upon a canyon filled with rocks and ledges as well as small mountains all around it. As Natsu figured that this would be a very good place for him to start training in the earth element, as there were lots of rocks around for Natsu to use in his training.

And with the sky being bright blue with a few clouds for shade as well as a nice gentle breeze blowing in the wind causing Natsuís white hair to move along with it, Natsu could tell that this would be the perfect time for him to train. As the weather was perfect for the type of training Natsu was about to do as well as the type of weather that Natsu loved to be in. And so Natsu would make his way to a boulder and take his shirt off as well as all of his chains just keeping on his pants and sword. As Natsu was one to never put his sword down as it was his life and to lose it as death to him. Natsu would then proceed to start in the stretching of his body. As Natsu knew that if his body was not nice and loose then he would risk the chance of hurting himself during his training.

Natsu would proceed to stretch all of his muscles in his body that he would be able to stretch. As Natsu would do stretches like toe touches and lunges to make sure his arms and legs were nice and loose. Since Natsu didnít want to pull a message while way out here in the middle of the world. Since Natsu was sure if he got himself hurt here while training it would be pretty hard getting back to the city for a doctor to help and heal him. So Natsu would make sure his body was nice and loose before he would proceed with pulling his whole sword out of the belt. As Natsu kept his sword in his sheath, as Natsu would then proceed to do slashes at different angles and degrees so that he would be able to work out his swinging strength as well as speed and making sure he would be able to place the sword in the right spot when needed.

As this would be a very fundamental task that all swordsmen should take time to practice and make sure that they have under control. As it was one of the basic things of being a swordsman. Since next to footwork controls over oneís own sword was the utmost important thing that one should train if they plan on being a master in the art of the blade. And Natsu was one who planned on being a master in the art of the blade one day. And so after finishing his sword workout Natsu would then proceed to walk over to a big boulder that set not too far from the boulder that had his clothes on it. Quickly Natsu would then set himself upon the boulder and start to meditate. As Natsu wanted to make sure that he had complete control over his chakra before he started working on jutsu that could possibly end with him getting hurt very badly. Since Natsu knew that chakra was something that could become very dangerous if not controlled correctly.

In a slight leg crossed position Natsu would balance on top of the boulder with his eyes closed and his mind opened. As Natsu would make sure that nothing was in his mind clouding up his thought process. As not a single sound could be heard but the wind blowing, as there was no animals or anything around right now to make any noise and mess up this process. While sitting their Natsu could feel the flow of his chakra from each of his chakra points. And it would start to flow smoother and smoother threw each chakra point. At this point Natsu could feel his chakra flowing at a very good rate and that he could control it very well. Though Natsu figured that it would be best if he waited a little bit longer before he actually started trying to mold his chakra for jutsu. Since Natsu figured that he would need to make sure that his body was in it best form before he started trying what he was about to attempt. Soon Natsu would start to let everything in his mind clear out as he started to see his chakra form into different shapes in his mind. As it took on new life and many different new forms. Making seals and all other sorts of things. As this would allow for Natsu to learn new things like the style of Fuinjutsu as well as other ninja arts.
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The training of a life time. (OpenWpermission)
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