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 New Member: What do I do next?

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PostSubject: New Member: What do I do next?   Thu May 02, 2013 3:39 pm

Hello, welcome, and thank you for coming to NarutoR - otherwise known as Ingoo. On the left side of the forum there is a list of all of the staff, if you have any questions then it would be best to direct them there. The first forums at the top contain important information such as announcements, rules, and guides that you should pay attention to when joining. This is not your traditional Naruto RP!

NarutoR is a text based RPG. This means that, instead of fancy video effects and animation, you write out what a character does. This does require some imagination and is not for those who truly hate to type or write. In this specific text based RPG, you create your own, custom ninja who you play as in the world we've created for you.

To begin character creation, please read the rules and guides, which will be provided in a link below. Then head over to the Character Database so that you can start your very own character. In there, you will find the template needed to create your own character, as well as a guide that should answer any questions you have on the creation process of the character itself. Below, also, I have provided you with a series of links which will help guide you to all the areas you need to go.

Introduce Yourself
Everything you need to know about Role Playing on NarutoR
The Plot on NarutoR
Everything you need to know about Creating Content on NarutoR
Open Jutsu For All

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay.


~The NarutoR Staff!


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New Member: What do I do next?
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