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Naruto Masashi Kishimoto

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 Just where did the weapon's shop go? (Open/NK)

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Kuroda Momiji

PostSubject: Just where did the weapon's shop go? (Open/NK)   Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:15 pm

Kuroda leaned against the directory, frowning at the 'Closed' sign on what had been his regular outlet for purchasing weapons. So, according to what he had overheard from passersby the shop had been bought out by some bigshot who wanted to expand his chocolate shops to the western part of the shopping plaza, the good shops always had to go it seemed. First was Kitai's Katanas, then Shura's Shurikens, and then Wari's Weapon Emporium, and now this...

Kuroda slid the strap of his summoning scroll back and forth over his shoulder, frowning and thinking about his current situation. There had to be another weapons shop he could go to, except for that one run by the government, because let's face it, those weapons were far too overpriced for him to buy at present.

With a small huff he turned away from the shop and began to walk back to the central plaza, there he might be able to find out where the other weapon shops were, and that was his main focus. As he walked, a small amount of iron sand seemed to leak out from the folds of his large scroll, and that sand swirled around him, jetting back and forth, reflecting his quick, contemplative mindset. He needed to find another shop, and if that meant asking someone, then he would, but who to ask...

He continued to walk, looking from one side of the strip to the other for just that one word, "weapon", he was as composed as ever on the outside, but on the inside he was reeling with shock, he couldn't afford the weapons from the government shop, and if he couldn't buy more weapons, that mean he couldn't use his Bukijutsu. That harsh possibility was putting Kuroda into a stressful position, one where he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he could but find another weapons shop...


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Living Saint Bayul

PostSubject: Re: Just where did the weapon's shop go? (Open/NK)   Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:36 pm

"Why buy new when you can buy like-new quality weapons?" Muad'dib called out from his place on a rug littered with old Kunai and Shuriken. Unfortunately his latest trek into the ruins had left him without any real show pieces and had almost bankrupted with the little traveler. The latest adventure had not been far enough to satiate the desire to travel in the boy often called Mouse, but before he could afford any kind of trip he had to sell what little wares he had for some cash.

Mouse had never been the bounty hunter, the military man, or the police officer. As far back as he could remember he had been a hunter and gatherer of antiquities out in the world. Whether it was a ghetto under renovation or a lost temple in some forgotten jungle, that was exactly where he wanted to be. These days though he was running too low on cash for travel and had decided to change his modus operandi. Now he took on clients who paid for the trip up front and paid additional fees for whatever treasures he might return with, but the Uchiha clan was far from impressed with his gathering of basic weaponry from an old battlefield. They had chosen to pass on the pieces and left Mouse in the lurch.

"These are ancient but sharpened to like-new. Hold the same blades that shinobi of the past held in their hands while slitting the throats of their enemies! These weapons won battles! Fair prices, good weapons, step up and buy to your heart's content!"
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Just where did the weapon's shop go? (Open/NK)
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