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 The Beginning of Team Gamma (Miko Yuutsu, Linway, kyuusaisha, DeathbyKimchi)

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Miko Yuutsu

PostSubject: The Beginning of Team Gamma (Miko Yuutsu, Linway, kyuusaisha, DeathbyKimchi)   Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:19 pm

It was a partly cloudy, calm afternoon atop the oceanside planks of the Seaside Heights. Cool breeze blew from the direction of the sea, and the sun was an angle West. Some individuals rested their body on the railings, while some went to purchase items, be it out of neccessity or just for their entertainment. Footsteps, many of them, walked on the wood as the shopping went on before the real rush of the night began, the time of the night where the fun starts. The waves roared, people chattered, tensions shattered... and a certain male Genin's teeth clattered.

Now, though everyone else was calm, that Genin was quite anxious. The government had the ninja teams rearranged, leaving the Genin to be separated from his uncaring team. At least, he didn't think they cared. They're much more powerful than he was... Self-esteem lowered somewhat sufficiently today, the boy made way to the seating area, Kurenai Plaza. Of course, that's just what the locals call it, it just gained the name by having a lot of warm colors, dominantly red. It's not too important. Among the bright, civilian clothes, black and brown and tan clothes with lots of pockets stopped in the Plaza and took a seat, not too many people around as he thought there would be.

That was a good thing... nobody would see his nervousness. Flustered violet eyes were scanning the crowds, waiting for his team. Assignments arrived by mail. His female senior, Enco would be in his team, surprisingly. There were two others, the third teammate, Bi Genkotsu, and the leader, Taeyeon Shin. Innocent violet eyes now hidden behind a red blush and the glare of thick shinobi glasses, he ducked his head down, black straight hair in a messy style bouncing with it. A petite height of five feet and one inch, he wore a closed coal black long-sleeve battle coat with six pockets, a metal protector on his left arm, light brown standard gear pants and leather boots. Miko Yuutsu was nervous, alright, a bit huddled in his sitting position.

'Well...' the Yuutsu thought. His speaking, however, has a stutter and a rasp from a roughness in his throat, only a tiny bit low, not really on the tune that it was high, per say. 'Hopefully they're nice people... I know Enco is very polite, but I wonder of the other two...' He could only hope they didn't look down on him like he thought the rest of his classmates did. Or... he thought they did.
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PostSubject: Re: The Beginning of Team Gamma (Miko Yuutsu, Linway, kyuusaisha, DeathbyKimchi)   Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:30 pm

Taeyeon had gotten ready as quick as she could. She had spent the day as she spends most days when not on a mission; training. Always passionate about keeping her skills sharp, the girl was so invested in her work-out that she had completely forgotten that she was to meet her team today. Her team. It had such a strange ring to it. Not that she hadn’t been on teams before. But this would mark the first time the young kunoichi was appointed the leader. Of her own team. Though she should have suspected this day would come sooner rather than later—after all, it was customary for Chuunin and higher ranked ninja to become leaders and teachers toward the Genin—it was still somewhat of a shock to her. And, she suspected, it’d be an even bigger shock to her… students? Pupils? She didn’t know what to call them, exactly. Though it probably shouldn’t have surprised her as much as it did, Taeyeon noticed that, despite being made team leader, she was to be the youngest amongst them. Suffice to say, a girl that was in most ways still but a child was hardly what one would picture as some form of superior. She could only imagine what the three Genin would think of her.

It was odd. Taeyeon had never been one to submit to nerves. Despite her youth, she had always shown a great deal of confidence in herself, confronting opponents and various dangers that ninja far older than her would have been hesitant against. She was known as a prodigy to many of her peers, and though she took such praise with as much humility as she could, it nonetheless had ways of bolstering one’s courage. But this was a different sort of challenge, one that she was entirely unfamiliar with. She was out of her element, and for the first time in what seemed like ages, she had to admit that she was, indeed, anxious.

The Chuunin made her way to Seaside Heights. The crowd was relatively sparse today, though it wasn’t much of an issue to Taeyeon. She rarely took the opportunity to travel to this part of town unless it was for a mission. The youth was always far too busy training to spare any leisure time at the Plaza. Regardless, this was, for all intents and purposes, a mission of sorts. This was her team, afterall. The phrase still feeling as strange as ever. As the tiny, magenta-clad kunoichi arrived, she scouted the area for anyone matching the descriptions she was given by her government-mandated scroll. All the while, she wondered what they were like. She only received basic details regarding their individual abilities, with the one binding commonality between the three being some measure of talent in close-ranged fighting. The government didn’t seem to care much about their personalities, and so nothing was mentioned on the subject. She could only hope for the best.

A young shinobi in dark colors would be the first to catch the girl’s violet gaze. Though quite feminine in appearance, attentive eyes would identify him as a rather slight looking male, only about a foot taller than Taeyeon herself. And considering Taeyeon was tiny, perspective could easily be inferred. So far, so good. The Chuunin knew what it was like to be underestimated due to her appearance. Hopefully an understanding could be met between the two, though judging by the boy’s rather timid posture, she probably didn’t need to worry too much about any hostility from this one. And so, Taeyeon shook her nerves away, replacing them with her usual joviality, and made her way toward the boy, bouncing along with a slight skip to her step.

“Hiya! You must be Miko-kun.” The child prodigy stood a couple feet away, and should the boy turn around, he would find a little girl with a friendly smile awaiting him.
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Miko Yuutsu

PostSubject: Re: The Beginning of Team Gamma (Miko Yuutsu, Linway, kyuusaisha, DeathbyKimchi)   Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:09 pm

“Hiya! You must be Miko-ku-"


The boy's Special Characteristic suddenly popped up... or tried to. Underground Instinct malfunctioning, instead of digging underground with Moguragakure no Jutsu, the Mole Genin just found his chakra pulling his body to the general ground, stopping when his belly flopped onto the pavement. Getting up in nearly non-existent pain, He dusted himself off and blushed darker. This happened too much... but with his team? Figures... Sighing, he began to apologize with three quick yet deep bows before speaking.

"I-I-I'm sorry!" A previously mentioned unsure lowness and rasp squeaked out, like a mole. "I-I-I didn't m-mean for th-that to happen. I-I-I tend t-t-to do th-the Moguragakure wh-when I'm startled!" His hand shot up to chop his forehead in a salute that hurt himself. "S-S-Sorry!" Relaxing a bit, he clumsily moved to the middle pocket on the right out of his six pockets, pulling out his letter. 4 feet.... violet eyes...

Again, he bowed twice. "S-Sorry! You're the leader, which is even worse for me to mess up..." He shook his head. "I-It's nice to meet you taichou... I'm... er... Miko Yuutsu..." He looked away through his somewhat thick glasses before looking back at her. "A-And I'm one of your Genin. I specialize in Doton Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu, preferably Explosives and I'm trying to research blunt force weapons." He stuck his hand out like a stick for a handshake, eyes going into a flustered anime-ish close, the line blush on top of the color blush. "It's n-nice to meet you, captain!"

Inwards, however, he just felt like an idiot. Oh, dear, he panicked too much! What was he going to do, what was he going to do? He made a bad impression, hopefully he would make a better one on Genkotsu Bi! Enco, he knew. His thoughts then directed themselves onto the team specialties. He seemed to be the long-range user... while he knew Enco was Mid-range and Bi seemed to be short range, with taijutsu. Possibly a Crowd Control/Strike Team? His sensei was renown for her taijutsu prodigy, so that raised more questions.
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PostSubject: Re: The Beginning of Team Gamma (Miko Yuutsu, Linway, kyuusaisha, DeathbyKimchi)   

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The Beginning of Team Gamma (Miko Yuutsu, Linway, kyuusaisha, DeathbyKimchi)
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