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Naruto Masashi Kishimoto

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 NarutoR BlackMail

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PostSubject: NarutoR BlackMail   Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:26 pm

Ya'll know what it is, post embarrassing qoutes from the cbox that will be funny to look back on.


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PostSubject: Re: NarutoR BlackMail   Tue May 21, 2013 10:36 pm

[21:18:03] Bull307 : Steph, I never once called your character ugly. Why did you fell the need to insult mine?

[21:18:13] Bull307 : *feel

[21:18:18] @ Stephanie : Because you are a rebel!

[21:18:59] Bull307 : And you are a tyrant! I have yet to call you an ugly tyrant.

[21:20:38] @ Stephanie : ...

[21:20:40] @ Stephanie : Maybe I yam

[21:20:44] @ Stephanie : Underneath all dat wealth

[21:20:47] @ Stephanie : all dat makeup

[21:20:54] @ Stephanie : All dat class

[21:20:55] * Serila hugs Steph

[21:21:43] Bull307 : Well my character happens to be rather charming

[21:21:51] Bull307 : under all dat poorness

[21:21:55] DeathbyKimchi : o.o

[21:21:59] Bull307 : all dat grime

[21:22:13] Ragdoll : I'm confused again .~.

[21:22:26] Bull307 : all dat slight etiquette

[21:22:33] * Serila pitties the poor

[21:23:02] Bull307 : Then you have no place in this oppressive government.

[21:23:25] Bull307 : After she moves the poor to their district

[21:23:42] Bull307 : She is going to kill them all (Is my guess)

[21:24:24] Bull307 : Which solves nothing, because then some of the rich will eventually become poor again

[21:24:54] Serila : Karite would be more then willign to slaughter the pooor

[21:25:16] Bull307 : (Maybe this is why chat stops after I join)

[21:25:19] DieSuperFly : Oahiz, welcome.

[21:25:37] Serila : Yes

[21:25:37] DieSuperFly : The comedy routine is still going on, you're just in time.

[21:26:18] Bull307 : Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh.

[21:27:19] DieSuperFly : Ahahah.ahah..HAHAHAAHAHAH

[21:27:25] DieSuperFly : HAHAAHAHAHAAHHA

[21:27:37] Bull307 : Sad

[21:28:21] Bull307 : Everyone knows the only sensible solution is to kill all of the rich, so that everyone is poor.

[21:28:40] Bull307 : Eh...

[21:28:45] Bull307 : Amirite?

[21:29:02] Ragdoll : I think with that logic it'd be much more effective to burn all the Ryo .-.

[21:29:59] Bull307 : Haters

[21:31:23] Bull307 : No response Essay?

[21:31:45] Bull307 : or SA, whichever is your preference,

[21:33:01] DieSuperFly : I'm only the observer. My response has no meaning here.

[21:33:26] DieSuperFly : Someone must document this strife so all future generations know of the valiant battles fought in your precious Kitai City.

[21:33:45] Bull307 : In any case, I was just kidding. We shouldn't kill poor or rich.

[21:34:07] Bull307 : We should kill the cause of all problems

[21:34:37] Bull307 : http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7242/7202515462_12029f997b.jpg

[21:35:00] * Bull307 bows

[21:35:07] Bull307 : Thank you for your time


Blake Hale
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NarutoR BlackMail
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