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 Bodyguard Business [mission]

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PostSubject: Bodyguard Business [mission]   Tue Apr 16, 2013 5:39 am

Raishi had woken up this morning, feeling energetic and more or less.....alive.

He woke up on his bed with a smile, for the first time in ages, flipping of his bed and soaring into the shower...he felt great. He wondered what the source of this unexplained happiness, this energy was. As he was eating his breakfast, he realised that one thing had been missing from his sleep...a nightmare. That night, he had none surprisingly; maybe it was the fact that he slept in his formal attire from the previous night of the ball...it may have scared away the demons with its fine linen. Rai chuckled to himself....either way, he felt nice, to say the least, and he knew that the day would be pleasant.

As a result of him being in such a good mood, he decided to do what something that would sustain this joyous mood of his...he was going to obtain a mission. He didn't exactly like taking missions, but he didn't mind it at all today; in fact he was even looking forward to it. Asides from that, taking a C rank mission was part of the requirements to be able to participate in the upcoming Chuunin Exams, and he didn't want to remain a Genin for the rest of his life! He got out of his home, locking the doors and placing the keys in one of his pouches, and then he began his journey to the Mission Center. Since he preferred travelling by rooftop, he quickly found himself there after a series of jumping, flips and basic ninja aero dynamics. Finally reaching his destination, the Mission Center, he entered the building, greeting the secretary warmly before collecting his mission briefing. It seemed like a simple enough mission, he was to escort a very rich lawyer through the region. No sweat.

He swiftly left the building, heading to the point that he was supposed to meet with the lawyer....he was late as usual, but only because he didn't want a situation were he got there and then he was the one waiting for the lawyer to come. He hated waiting for people.

He arrived there, and looked around, only to find the place deserted. Great, in the end I still had to wait for the man...urgh. He sat down on a nearby boulder and began waiting, until eventually a tall, serious looking character of quite a muscular build, donning a tight fitted suit appeared out of nowhere. Raishi was stunned, and utterly intimidated. Was this the lawyer?

"I do apologise for my lateness, I got....hung up. Are you ready for your task?"

The man spoke softly, but firmly all the same, with a soft smile.

"Yes Sir," Raishi answered with a smile of his own.

"Very well then, let's begin our journey shall we?"

Saying that, the man began to move; he walked fairly quickly and Raishi had to run to catch up with him a few times. This man seemed interesting to say the least....he just wasn't sure if asking him anything would be offensive to the lawyer.

"I lie to get acquainted with all my employees, even though your services are quite temporary. My name is Hughen Zangui and as you may already know, I am a lawyer. A very good one actually"

He spoke with that same demanding smile on his face, expecting a reply from Raishimaru.

"My name is Raishimaru Uchiha sir, a Genin from the Uchiha clan"

Raishi was shy...this was the first time that he actually felt intimidated by somebody, especially from a mere civilian.

"Ahh, the Uchiha Clan....former wielders of the Sharingan yes?"

Raishi was shocked by this...

"How do you......"

"I read a lot of history, both civilian and shinobi. You are a shinobi right? So what are your specialisations, your elements and such?"

The conversation continued on, them getting to know each other, Raishi educating Hughen about shinobi culture. He was quite the interesting man. In no time, they found that they had reached their destination, and it was time for Raishi to go home.

"Well Raishi, I enjoyed this to say the least. You not only escorted me, but you also made it worthwhile by educating me about your life as a shinobi. Thank you very much..I hope to see you again"

"Thank you sire, it was no sweat"

Raishi actually wished that the mission had been longer....hopefully he would get to see Mr Hughen another time. With that he body flickered to the top of the nearest building, racing on home.

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Bodyguard Business [mission]
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