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 Beautiful Lights, Shine so bright. ( Blue,Open)

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Cloud McGee

PostSubject: Beautiful Lights, Shine so bright. ( Blue,Open)   Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:32 pm

The sun had already begun setting in the Donburi district. The sky was now a canvas of deep purple, pink, and a mixture of red and orange. In the distance you could see the outline of the moon, full and slowly coming into view along with specks of tiny lights dotting the sky. The sun sat on the horizon just beyond the waters of Seaside Heights. The ocean was a clear reflection of the sky and the sun's reflection seem to have touched the very surface. A light mist filled the air giving it a slightly salty tasty, but a very refreshing feel. The temperature dropped noticeably but it was still very nice outside. The people of Kitai walked strip that held many stores and places to shop. It was a well lit area but very busy and at times very dangerous. A place where one could be pick pocketed, mugged, or even kidnapped. Though with the number of shinobi not many folks were so bold.

Amarante Aburame leaned back on the railings that prevented people from falling onto the Beach. Her bugs were scattered about surveying the area and reporting back to her with the information. She was doing her own watch to make sure things were going smoothly for the people walking about. Lets face it danger was everywhere and things could go wrong at any given moment. Though it had been boring but she was on guard. Her hood was pulled back to reveal her raven black hair and obsidian eyes. A smile stuck to her face as she waved to the people. It sure was nice being of some help to folks. That's what Amarante thought, anyway.


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Beautiful Lights, Shine so bright. ( Blue,Open)
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