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 Requesting/Completing Missions

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PostSubject: Requesting/Completing Missions   Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:20 pm

Requesting a Mission

There are two types of requests. The first is if you are requesting a privateer or a government issued mission that has already been posted up in the sticky topics within the Mission Board. If you are requesting a mission already created, then you would simply copy/paste the mission into your topic. Make sure to include a [Request] Tag in your topic title.

Now sometimes you'll want to create a custom mission and do it yourself, you would simply fill out the mission template with your own custom content and then you would post it. A staff member will approve it. Make sure to include a [Request] Tag in your topic title.


After your mission request has been approved you will be allowed to go ahead and complete the mission. If its a pre-made mission then it will be crossed out so no one else will take it. After you have finished the mission topic, make sure to come back to the mission board and repost the mission. This time, you'll add the mission link on the very top of the post so we can check and make sure you followed the requirements. Furthermore, make sure to include a [Mission Complete] tag in your topic title.


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Requesting/Completing Missions
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