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 The Royal Azai Clan

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PostSubject: The Royal Azai Clan   Tue Mar 26, 2013 7:33 pm

Clan Name: Azai Clan
Clan Type: Relation Only - KKG Loose
Prominent KKG: Undetermined
Number of Members: 3

Government Type:
The Azai Clan is ruled from one ruling member. The ruler of the clan usually inherits his title, though he or she can be taken from power with popular vote. The clan is brand new, so the founder is currently the first leader and in theory, his or her decedents will take the reigns when the current founder is unable to lead.

Leader: Flora Azai
Representative: Flora Azai

The Azai clan was founded in royalty by Flora. While the clan is very small, Flora is starting to reach out across the world to gather her family into Kitai so they can enjoy and experience the life of Royalty. The clan will enjoy comfortable living while also being somewhat about the law of the land as long as it doesn't cause more problems than its worth. The clan is wealthy, and prefer to use money to deal with their problems rather than their fists. It is well known that her family always pays their debts, and it encourages people to go above and beyond to serve her clan knowing full well they will be rewarded.

Clan Specific Jutsu:N/A
Discovery Arc
To be created.


Work Attire:

Casual Attire:
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The Royal Azai Clan
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