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 Devils Strike (Training)

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PostSubject: Devils Strike (Training)   Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:36 pm

Dengen was quite exhausted after training his new genjutsu, Visit to Haiti. He felt now that what he needed was a taijutsu technique, after all this little break away from the City was all just so Dengen could get more in touch with his mind and body. Dengen knew that to be a powerful shinobi, you not only have to be wise but you have to be strong as well, and that goes especially for the Uchiha. Since being an Uchiha ultimately chooses genjutsu as the fighting style that is their birthright, they are born needing to be wise and if they are smart they will also work on the body aspect of strength. Dengen then began getting on the tip of his toes, and began jumping without leaving the ground. This training is supposed to work on the leg muscles, and it clearly did as Dengen felt the burn. Dengen after doing all of those “toe - lunges” he began to jog around the region he was in. As he jogged he got on the tip of is toes once again, knowing that will increase the weight on the leg muscle and thus increase its training difficulty. “Whatever causes pain must give a person gain?” Dengen repeatedly that as he ran laps around the Uchihas old compound.

When Dengen was done running he was again more than tired, but this was no time to stop his training. The young Uchiha picked up his Bo Staff and began striking it downward from the top of his head. The thrusting motion was done with force in so any slip could have easily cause a muscle to pull. Dengen then got ready as he knew exactly how to utilize this new technique. Having something that will weaken the enemy’s state to dodge, he will jump and instantly bash him in the head with the Uchiha Bo Staff. The technique is meant to cause people to get knocked out and Dengen wanted it no other way since he wanted fights to be as short as possible. Dengen needed techniques based on taijutsu with his Bo Staff mixed in. It was only right since he was only carrying that one weapon. Dengen then put all his force onto his feet and with no running head start needed he jumped and landed 5 meters away with the Bo Staff hitting the ground harder than he has ever struck anything.

Training Devils Strike C-Rank for 400 with 404 Words used.
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Devils Strike (Training)
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