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 Hospitalization Guide

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PostSubject: Hospitalization Guide    Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:15 am

Hospitalization Guide

How It Works:

Okay, when Hospitalized or injured you must follow these rules to get back to normal and resume traditional roleplaying. Firstly you are given an "Injury Status", that is followed with a "Hospitalization Type" and lastly you must "Roleplay Back To Health". Basically how this works is that your injuries are graded and then an "Injury Status" is selected, and based on which status you get you are suspended from roleplaying regularly (meaning being out and about). Then you select your "Hospitalization Type" which determines who is taking care of you, then you "Roleplay To Recovery" meaning that you roleplay a topic recovering from your Injury. When choosing injury status and hospitalization type use common sense, or staff will intervene and your injuries might magically become worse. These topics can be directly after your injury, or can take place "several days/weeks" from when you received your injury(ies) (ie recuperation).

Injury Statuses:

Injury statuses are the statuses we give to characters who meet a certain set of parameters with these ailments. It is with these ailments that we judge how severe a character's injuries are and thus appropriate proper arrangements for them and then dictate how long they are incapacitated from the roleplaying world.

Minor: Minor injuries may consist of a plethora of bruises, cuts, and minor head trauma. It has to be enough wounds to keep you incapacitated for a little while and require merely rest and maybe a few stitches. When you have a Minor Injury you are "suspended" from typical roleplaying for one real life day. The exception is role playing through your recovery topic.

Moderate: A Moderate Injury consists of contusions, bruises, deep cuts, and minor head trauma. To further elaborate on what a Moderate injury status entails one may have a broken bone or two, a few strained or pulled muscles and maybe a concussion. Minor poisons and infections no greater than the equivalent of food poisoning also fall in this category. You are suspended from roleplaying regularly for two real life days. The exception is role playing through your recovery topic.

Major: A Major injury consists of Any fracture other than finger, thumb or toes. Any dislocation of shoulder, hip, knee or spine. Any amputation or loss of the sight of an eye (whether temporary or permanent). Major Injuries can be a chemical or hot metal burn to the eye or any penetrating injury to the eye. Any injury which results in electric shock and electric burns leading to unconsciousness and requires resuscitation. Any other injury leading to hypothermia, heat induced illness or unconsciousness requiring resuscitation. A major injury can be loss of consciousness caused by asphyxia or lack of oxygen or exposure to a biological agent or harmful substance. Absorption of any substance by inhalation, skin or ingestion causing loss of consciousness or acute illness requiring medical treatment. Acute illness requiring medical treatment where there is reason to believe the exposure was to biological agents, its toxins or infected materials. Suspended from roleplaying regularly for three days. The exception is role playing through your recovery topic.

Hospitalization Types:

Hospitalization Types are different ways in which your character may be interacted with medically, meaning a NPC may deal with your character's revival, perhaps a Playable Character may revive you, and then lastly a Hospital within a city or village may be responsible for your well being.

NPC Treatment:

This is when a group of NPCs played by a member or staff member are responsible for your medical care either using medical ninjutsu or traditional means (ie stitching, surgery). This will usually happen if you are severely injured in a mission.

Hospital Treatment:

When you were close enough to a hospital or you were carted off to a Hospital. Once there your care is in the hands of the finest medical care that can be offered by a city or village's government, or prehaps even from a character owned hospital. If Hospitalized you are obligated to pay for you injuries with Ryo, if you do not have Ryo to pay with then you will be treated regardless and Ryo you earn will be subtracted from you until payment is met. Costs will vary depending on where you are hospitalized.

The cost of a Minor treatment is 150 Ryo, the cost of a Moderate treatment is 300 Ryo, the cost of a Major treatment is 500 Ryo.

Player Character Treament :

When someone's character has carted you off to their safe haven and has decided to bring you back to life through their own means.

Roleplaying Back To Health:
Roleplaying back to Health is when your character is injured and then a topic is created directly correlating to your character's injury topic, and depending on the severity of your injuries the timeline may be very close in occurrence with your injury topic, or may be several weeks later. In order to Roleplay back to health you must complete various requirements. For minor injuries: 300 words. For moderate injuries: 500 words. For major injuries: 650 words. Word requirements can be split up between topics, as you might be role playing with another. Your recovery topic must be in the place where health care was given to you. Note: Recovery is not completed until the Recovery topic is finished. This means that your character's bed rest period may extend past the required amount if you fail to complete the recovery topic in a timely manner.

How Do I Get Taken Care Of If I'm Injured and Unable to Move?:

Okay, so you've passed out in some god forsaken land and you have no idea how to get to a place where you can be helped out. It just comes to the case of luck. If you were gravely injured in the middle of the ocean on a boat, you will most likely die. If you were left on a main road to die, the staff NPC a group of travelers to heal you. While you might not have to pay Ryo other things may happen that will be less than desirable. If you are wounded in a public place and can not move, a good citizen will cart you to the nearest health care center.

You can now pay 25% more in your payments and skip the word count requirements. You will still be unable to roleplay outside of recovery for the certain time limit.


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Hospitalization Guide
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