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 Mission Guide

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PostSubject: Mission Guide   Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:56 pm

What Is A Mission?:

Missions are tasks assigned by one or multiple parties to one or multiple parties with a risk reward basis, meaning that one person(s) hire(s) other person(s) with one group wanting a task completed and the other receiving a reward typically in a monetary form(Ryo) with the understanding that the mission's task may not be completed or that if completed the money may not be payed out. Now there are certain types of missions that ensure payment while other missions can be given by anyone to anybody and the methods of reward are not as definite.

Types of Missions:

Government Issue:

Missions Issued by the government offer one thing that other missions do not, and that is financial security. Upon completion of the mission you are paid with Ryo, and only with Ryo, meaning no out of the ordinary deals or exchanges. When you accept a mission request by the government you select a mission by Rank, those ranks ranging from C-A rank. From the lowest rank you receive the least amount of guaranteed money, but also deal with the least amount of projected difficulty. While S rank is the highest amount of guaranteed money and the highest amount of guaranteed

Privateer Issue:

A personal issued mission is one given out by one person to another with guaranteed method of payment, with method of payment being up to the two parties. This type of mission is based upon the mission contract being recognized by law. This means that the mission giver has to pay, or will be dealt with by the government. Be careful though, as criminals may still break the contract without fear from the government. Personal Missions aren't even looked at by the government until the contract is broken, this is just more of a fail-safe for people risking their lives in these missions.

Mission Rankings For Government Missions:

C Class: These missions are the easiest missions, ranging from walking someones dog at the easiest to resolving a domestic affair within the city at the hardest. To elaborate C ranked missions are typically menial labor jobs (cleaning yards, picking up litter). These missions are meant typically for teenagers or people inexperienced at combat. Profit: 200-1000Ryo

B Class: These missions are the ones typically accepted from the government. B class missions involve combat in some way and are moderately dangerous. These missions can range from subduing one rogue bandit to guarding a caravan from a traveling mob of bandits. Profit: 1000-3000 Ryo

A Class: These missions are violent in nature and the risk of death is high. Examples of A rank missions can range from assassinating a high profile criminal to assaulting a criminal compound all by yourself. A rank missions can also be doing recon on high profile targets or escorting sensitive information. Profit: 3000-5000 Ryo

S Class: These missions are often considered suicide missions, as the risk of death is usually above 70%. Examples of S rank villages includes taking out enemy organizations, groups, or assassinating highly guarded individuals. Lots of times these missions either provoke retaliation, so you are constantly at risk. Sometimes S rank missions take months, and require you going undercover and performing questionable acts. Profit: 3000-5000 Ryo

Note: Profits are subject to change based on the Governments Economy.


Escalation is when mission issued by the government of a lower rank turns out to be more than anticipated and could have easily been listed as a higher ranking mission. If a mission escalates you are to be compensated with Ryo by the Government depending on the severity of escalation.
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Mission Guide
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