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Naruto Masashi Kishimoto

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 Creature Template

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PostSubject: Creature Template   Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:55 pm

Say there is a particular type of beast or animal in the Naruto Revolution verse that doesn't exist in reality, or is somehow unique in this world. You want to tame it or perhaps hunt it for valuable unique resources, et-c. but there is no set info about it? Well, here's your answer. This is a creature template used for describing the specifics of certain unique creatures here on this site. Perhaps you let a deformed experiment escape into the wild, you formed a village and want to document all the exotic creatures that may live in the land, or perhaps your bloodline is associated with some form of beast unique to your kind. Whatever the reason, this is the place to post it and find it.

  • You should have a valid reason for creating a new creature post. As much as we appreciate your imagination, don't just come up with things for the sake of just doing so.

  • Likewise, please do not document every natural living thing here either, unless told otherwise. Everyone knows what a lizard is when they look at a lizard.

  • Please be aware that unless stated otherwise within reason, these creatures would be available for contract sealing at their natural habitat. If there is a specific rank stated, what is listed is the highest rank it can be sealed in contract at and must be trained into higher ranks manually.

Name: (The name of this kind of creature)
Species: (The species of this creature. Preferably in latin if you know it)
Type: (What kind of creature it is, e.g., Amphibian, Quadruped, Avian, Marine, et-c.)
Rank: (What rank or range of ranks this creature is in the wild)
Elements: (If this creature has any elemental affinities naturally, list them here)
Relation: (If it is connected to a particular bloodline or even a clan, put that here, otherwise put "n/a")
Habitats: (Places where this creature can be found)
Physical Traits: (Any physical traits or characteristics that this particular creature has)
Description: (A description of the creature's appearance and behavior, et-c.)

[b]Physical Traits:[/b]


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Creature Template
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