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 Sand Manipulation (Sunaton) Kekkei Genkai

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PostSubject: Sand Manipulation (Sunaton) Kekkei Genkai   Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:16 am

Limit Name: Sand Manipulation (Sunaton)
Limit Type: Advanced Element - Requires Earth and Wind Elements
Clan Relation: None - Sunahama clan disbanded.
Method of Creation: Canon
Limit Description:

Suna Sōsa (砂操作)

Sand Manipulation is the power that has been acquired by the Sunahama clan. This power requires the usage of Earth and Wind Natured Chakra to use, and the power given has numerous potentials. Firstly, the sand that is created from the ground and shredded to make the sand particles (using both Earth and Wind chakra) is very durable and strong but it makes the user slower than the average ninja when soaked with water, for it makes the sand heavier. But, a bonus to this is that, automatically, the sand can protect the user from an attack, as long as the attack isn't going at a high speed. Things like kunai and shurikan and some jutsu can be stopped this way. The clan member does this by putting some chakra into every particle of sand, so that unconsciously, if the user knows an attack is coming, the chakra instantly tries to stop it.

Limit Specific Jutsu:

D Rank Jutsu:

C Rank Jutsu:

B Rank Jutsu:

A Rank Jutsu:

S Rank Jutsu:


While many other clans throughout the world were affected by the cataclysms of the Finger of God, the Sunahama were one of the least. Their location in the desert of the Wind nation prevented larger scale damage to reach them, while the more exposed regions of the world dealt with the face of war and certain disaster. Despite their natural safety, the clan did not grow to be very large or very popular outside of the country. The state of the world would only further the slow decay of the Sunahama.
Losing its connections to the outside world, Sunagakure no longer had any imported goods or resources, no trade, not even news from the other nations and villages. The desert quickly became a hostile place again, as resources became more valuable, the economy shifted and more people left the place they once called home. What was once a proud and secluded clan became withered away to nothing but scattered relatives across the lands that only shared in common an ability and blood now.

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Ryu Akihito

PostSubject: Re: Sand Manipulation (Sunaton) Kekkei Genkai   Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:19 pm

Sign up Akihito, Ryu as the clan leader please. Here's the link to the character..


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Sand Manipulation (Sunaton) Kekkei Genkai
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