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 Wood Release / Mokuton Kekkei Genkai

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PostSubject: Wood Release / Mokuton Kekkei Genkai   Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:03 am

Limit Name: Wood Release / Mokuton
Limit Type: Advanced Element - Requires Earth and Water Elements
Clan Relation: None - Senju clan disbanded.
Method of Creation: Canon
Limit Description: Gives the user a specialized element, that allows them to control wood, plants, and flora.
Limit Specific Jutsu:

C Rank:
B rank:
A rank:
S rank:

Origin: The Senju Clan was one of the many famous of infamous clans of the old world, before it was destroyed by the Finger of God(See Plot Topic). After the great war that destroyed most of the known world, the major clans along with the Senju were shattered because of loss of life, lack of organization, or lack of will to continue on as one. While the clan may have had ceased to exist, the kekkei genkai survived.
Open or Closed?: Open 0/5 slots taken
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Wood Release / Mokuton Kekkei Genkai
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