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 Sharingan / Copying Wheel Eye Kekkei Genkai

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PostSubject: Sharingan / Copying Wheel Eye Kekkei Genkai   Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:23 am

Limit Name: Sharingan
Limit Type: Doujutsu
Clan Relation: Uchiha Clan
Method of Creation: Canon
Limit Description:
Training The Sharingan:

    One Tamoe | C Rank | Genin Level
  • The user must train a five hundred word post in order to activate the first tomoe of the Sharingan but the Sharingan will not be activated unless the target is under considerable stress, or in fear of something (Exp. would be defending from an attacker in a life or death situation, or watching something horrific happen, this CANNOT be a solo training topic). Once the training post is completed I.C., the user will gain the ability to activate the Sharingan. Training the first stage of the Sharingan will give the user what a single tamoe has to offer. The single tamoe looks different than the rest of the sharingan stages. The entire iris of the user will convert itself into a darker red, and their pupils will gather a bit more size. The one tamoe effects the user's eyes by giving it a change of color and a high intensity of vision. In this level, the user will be able to see chakra flow, both internal and external, of anyone that he or she views. This means that different chakras will be seen in different colors, depending on their element, or other special characteristics within the person’s chakra. Also with this level of the Sharingan the user may begin to see and size up people's chakra amounts.

    Two Tomoe | B Rank | Chuunin Rank
  • In order to unlock the second tomoe one must engage in a training topic that is nine hundred words in total. At this point, they are able to understand the Sharingan, although mastering the eyes comes with real experience and time. After gaining the two tomoe, the user is able to train the jutsus that require the second level of the sharingan. The second stage of the Sharingan is extremely fearsome, and unlocking it will grant the user two tomoe in each eye. Each tomoe will be equidistant from the pupil, which still remains diagonal. Each stage of the Sharingan adds a new focus to the ocular doujutsu, the first stage is about seeing other's chakra, while the second stage focuses much more on the actual perception of people's movements, and the mastering of one's own body to work in sync with the visual prowess. With the second stage of the Sharingan, the user will be able to see chakra as internal and external energy sources, as well as be able to read movements that others create before they even create it and seeing it in the finest of detail. Because the wielder of this doujutsu will be able to see the world as if it is moving slightly slower than it actually is, making the world appear only 3% slower; this is hardly any difference, but in combat, every secant matters. Once a user properly reads someone’s movements, they can even be copied to a certain extent. However, the eyes are not fully advanced, so they are unable to read complex movements or jutsus, and cannot copy them either (A-Rank+ until 3rd Tomoe is unlocked).

    Three Tomoe | A Rank | Jounin Rank
  • Training the third tomoe of the Sharingan is a rather extensive training that leaves the user closer to the mastery of the doujutsu. The training for this topic must be one thousand eight hundred words. The triple tomoe Sharingan is not mastered after this training and requires further training in order to master it. To train and gain full competence of the doujutsu, one must post two more training topics, each at one thousand words minimum describing how they are learning to work with the doujutsu's massive power. Once all of these training topics have been completed, the triple tomoe jutsus will be unlocked. Until the three tomoe Sharingan has been mastered (after all of the training topics have been completed and approved), they will be unable to use jutsu that require three tomoe other than the activation itself, and the abilities that come from the Shraingan by itself. This is the third stage of the Sharingan and considered to be the most powerful stage of one of the most powerful Doujutsus in the known shinobi world. When the user unlocks the third tomoe, they will be able to have three coma shaped tomoes, in each eye. These tomoes are evenly spaced around the center pupil which becomes very small in comparison to the additional tomoes. The three tomoe Sharingan is known for its perceptive abilities but more because of its illusionary powers, able to easily cast genjutsus by mere sight. The perceptive level of the shinobi with these eyes raises to the point that they copy movements with better and more accurate results, and see the chakra flow in such clarity that they can copy it perfectly and see what jutsu is preparing to be used. The three tomoe Sharingan lets the user see both the internal and external flow of chakra that come from people and areas that are heavily populated with chakra. The wielder of this doujutsu sees the world moving at a slightly slower speed, making the world seem to move 6% slower than it actually does. Sharingan is not able to see the flow of chakra with nearly as much clarity as the Byakugan but it focuses on other perceptive qualities in combat (Sharp visual sense).

Limit Specific Jutsu: Uchiha clan members will have to train all jutsus separately, other than the activation jutsu. The activation jutsu will be received upon training the first tamoe.

Name: Sharingan Activation
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Doujutsu
Range: Self
Clan: Uchiha
Description: After forming the necessary hand seals, the user will send chakra to the eyes in order to activate their Sharingan doujutsu. This jutsu will cause whatever form of Sharingan the user has unlocked (minus possible Mangekyo Sharingan) to activate. This costs a C rank amount of chakra to be used, and requires an E rank amount of chakra to be paid every post in order to keep the Sharingan activated. This chakra must be paid at the beginning of the post before use. This jutsu must be used before any other Sharingan jutsu or perks are able to be used, with no exceptions. When this jutsu is used to conjure the three tomoe Sharingan, after six posts of upkeep, the user will be extremely exhausted. This will result in them needing to rest for two real life days, where they are considered bed ridden and unable to attack or defend against enemies, should they appear. No permanent effects can be rendered through use of the three tomoe Sharingan.

Required - Two Tomoe:

Required - Three Tomoe:

Mangekyo Sharingan:


The Uchiha Clan was one of the many famous and maybe the most infamous clan of the old world, before it was destroyed by the Finger of God (See Plot Topic). The Uchiha clan, along with the Hyuuga clan, were the ones to make a decision to engage in war with Kirigakure nearly a century ago. Many top ranking members of the Uchiha also became agents for Kirigakure. Those shinobis were able to learn a little bit about Kirigakure's new discoveries early on. It did not stop the Water Country from attacking and decimating Konohagakure. However, no clan in the Fire nation was hit harder than the Uchiha Clan, their population was cut by eighty-seven percent. Only a handful of Uchihas remained. The clan was left with no village and a tattered country torn asunder by war and panic. The Uchiha clan had vanished from the known world for many decades. Until, one day, suddenly a group individual matching the physiology and looks of the Uchiha clan showed up in the Saigo region. A sharingan was also known to have been spotted for the first time in years within a church, the reports were never confirmed, but with the sightings becoming more common, only one conclusion could be drawn, the Uchihas are back.

Open or Closed: 5/5 slots
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Sharingan / Copying Wheel Eye Kekkei Genkai
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